Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Scurrying Rat - This Time He's NDP

NDP MP Nathan Cullen says the federal government should have done more to prevent the experimental dumping of 100-tonnes of iron sulphide in the waters off the Queen Charlottes.

Oddly enough Cullen, the MP for that area, acknowledges he knew about the project as far back as last summer when he met with its backers and it appears he saw no need to sound an alarm.

"I never got the sense that they were trying to do harm or that there was any bad intent at all, and felt like they had done their work in terms of talking to marine scientists and lawyers. … They thought they had a defensible case," the NDP MP said.

Nothing two-faced about that, is there?


Oemissions said...

Nathan should have done his homework on this.
How many scientists did he contact.?
Where was the discussion and research necessary from the scientific community before approval?

The Mound of Sound said...

Best ask Nathan, OEM. It certainly sounds like he just let this slip through his fingers.