Wednesday, October 10, 2012

F-35, A Nuclear Strike Bomber?

Surprise, surprise - the F-35 is being designed with a nuclear weapons capability.  Presumably even Steve Harper hasn't got the guts to add a nuclear arsenal to Canada's military establishment but, with that guy, there's no telling.

A nuclear capability on such a range-limited warplane suggests one thing - nuclear first-strike.

That the F-35 is, in reality, a light bomber rather than the fighter our government and Air Force leaders claim is evident in this throwaway line from Aviation Week about bomb jettisoning tests now underway:

" the field, the F-35 will likely be employed primarily in level flying conditions to maintain the lowest radar cross section possible for ground-attack missions."

Exactly.  It doesn't have "fighter stealth", it has "bomber stealth."   The one supposed advantage for which it sacrifices every quality that defines a great fighter warplane is stealth, bomber stealth.   This is a straight line in, straight line out airplane - a bomber.


Anonymous said...

Russia is amassing battleships, icebreakers and fighter jets in their High North. No doubt a nuclear Russian sub, under the ice there too.

Harper was all gung-ho to run Russia out of our High Arctic. Then I read, Harper will share the High North's resources with Russia.

China is Russia's ally. Harper was going to bomb Iran too, because of WMD. Both Russia and Red China are allies to Iran. Iran also has troops in Syria. This is why Russia and China, have blocked assistance to the people of Syria.

Harper is selling the tar pits out to China. He will do nothing that will offend Red China nor Russia.

Harper isn't running Canada anymore. China tells Harper what to do. I will be very surprised, if Harper doesn't sell Nexen out to Red China too.

While other country's are escorting Red China off their territories because, of that country's aggressions. Harper has China, right onto our Canadian soil.

Harper's war machinery is pointless. That's why he is stalling ship building and all the rest of it. He has cut the defense budget, way down.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, now we want to get into the nuclear first strike business? Insane.

Here's a song that Harper can perform at his next Reformist cult christmas party:

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran
Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran
Bomb Iran, take my hand
Let's bomb Iran
It's got me rockin' and rollin'
Rockin' and reelin', bomb Iran
Bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

susansmith said...

We don't need to waste $$$ on this flying death machine.
In the last election, we had the Liberals and Conservatives fighting over whether we should spend x amount of dollars on these fighter jets with or without engines, but both were on board to purchase them. Both of those political organizations are corporate lackeys.