Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will the Opposition Stand Up for Canada?

The NDP and the Libs should be storming the Bastille over Harper's Canada-China Trade Agreement and Harper's craven sell out of our country.   The Tyee's Andrew Nikiforuk calls it "economic treason."

The one politician we can rely on to sound the alarm, Elizabeth May, exposes the venal duplicity of Harper's backroom deal at  the Green Party's web site.

Whether you back the NDP or the Libs, if you care about Canada, read these commentaries and then raise hell with your party's leadership over this.   We don't have much time.   Harper is counting on that.


the salamander said...

The reason for complete secrecy by Stephen Harper, complicit Ministers, Senior Advisors, Secretaries, Wonks, Flacks, Hacks etc would seem obvious. Who would want to admit to such startling idiocy on behalf of a foreign nation's petro entity and its interests?

Perhaps at this point it would be useful to identify all the Canadian participants in this staggering and bizzare 'treaty'.. and get them on record. From the top down..

PM down through Ray Novak, Flaherty, Oliver, Baird, Clement, PM Secretary all the way down to lowly back-room wonk.. explain yourself to Canadians.. in detail..

Or as Peter Mackay has shown us.. declare Solicitor/Client privilege.. to obscure and obstruct due process.
Or be like Joe Oliver regarding the Northern Gateway pipeline, point out that he never actually said this pipeline should go through.. he just attacked people who said it should not.

Yes yes.. we all know by know about parliamentary immunity and that you can do or say or lie or be silent or get De Loan or Arthur Hamilton to obfuscate for you about anything. That you can be incompetent, duplicitous, fraudulent, stupid, asleep, crooked.. so just spit it out.. show a little courage.. though it certainly seems that courage is not a required attribute to serve in Canada's Government.

Would all those who have been calling this deal/treaty 'a no-brainer' and good for Canada.. step up for the record as well.. ?

Anonymous said...

That's why I keep saying, May and the Green Party is the only answer. Too bad they won't form government or opposition anytime soon.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon. Do you recognize the inconsistency in someone claiming the obscurity of "Anonymous" to assert that they "keep saying" anything?

Anonymous said...

Indeed I do. My apologies.

lungta said...

May has a petition for this
i signed

karen said...

I think I will write to my (but not really MY)MP and ask him to explain just those things, a la the Salamander.