Monday, December 09, 2013

Harper Flushes Fisheries Science Down the Memory Hole

I don't know if it gets any more Orwellian than this.

Last week the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which is closing five of its seven libraries, allowed scientists, consultants and members of the public to scavenge through what remained of Eric Marshall Library belonging to the Freshwater Institute at the University of Manitoba.

One woman showed up to pick up Christmas gifts for a son interested in environmental science. Other material went into dumpsters. Consultants walked home with piles of "grey material" such as 30-year-old reports on Arctic gas drilling.

"It was a world class library with some of the finest environmental science and freshwater book collections in the world. It was certainly the best in Canada, but it's no more," said Burt Ayles, a 68-year-old retired research scientist and former regional director general for freshwaters in central Canada and the Arctic.

"The loss of this library and its impact on fisheries and environmental science is equivalent to Rome destroying the Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt. It's equal to that," said Ayles. At the time, Alexandria boasted the world's largest collection in the ancient world.

"I was sickened," said one prominent research scientist who had worked for the federal government for 30 years, and who did not want to be identified. "All that intellectual capital is now gone. It's like a book burning. It's the destruction of our cultural heritage. It just makes us poorer as a nation."

"There are so many willing accomplices to what's going on," the scientist added. "All of our federal libraries and archives are being diminished. It's an ideological thing coming from a right-wing libertarian government."

These libraries are precious, irreplaceable.  They belong to the country and to Canadians and the generations that will follow.   What kind of evil do we have in a government that would wantonly destroy this knowledge - for all time?


Al Hunter said...

Harper continues his ideological & malevolent destruction of Canada's scientific knowledge base. To this government, environmental science is heresy & must be suppressed or destroyed. History goes into the dumpster along with our future.

Anonymous said...

So much for people in government who are religous fundamentalists.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's beyond appalling. What person who cares for his country and fellow Canadians can support a government like this?