Wednesday, November 07, 2018


It won't be long before congressional Republicans start complaining about witch hunts by House Democrats investigating corruption within the White House and the Republican ranks. Trump has already threatened to shut down the government if Democrats get onto his trail.

It can come down to the difference between investigation and persecution and there's no better benchmark that the endless enquiries the Republicans staged to get at Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi non-scandal.

Benghazi sets the bar for congressional investigations and the bar is very low indeed.


Jay Farquharson said...

The have already been complaining for months.

The 40 year Hunting of the Clinton's produced 1 consentual blowjob at the cost of $128 billion.

The Meuller Investigation has cost so far $12 million and change, produced 28 indictments so far, 4 convictions and 8 guilty pleas. It also seized $168 million in illegal assets.

House and Senate Investigations of ReThuggery during Raygun, Poppy and Stagger McChimpy's reigns, put 548 ReThug's in jail.

Similar investigations during the Carter, Clinton and Obama years, netted 8 Dems.

With the kkkonservatives, it's always projection. Because they are stealing, lying, racist, biggoted, murderous, serial violent rapist crooks, they figure every one else is.

Karl Kolchak said...

Once again, I don't really think you understand American politics that well. Any House investigations are going to be mere window dressing, for without the Senate there isn't really isn't much they can do to hurt Trump. Then there are there are the two dozen or so "blue dog" Democrats who come from red and purple states who will act as a break on what is already a very thin Dem majority.

The party would be much better off passing bills to help beleaguered Americans so they can say, these are bills that become law if you give us full power in 2020. But of course they won't because that would mean crossing their wealthy donors.

Trump got the one thing he really wanted in this election--a continued and expanded majority in the Senate with a few new hard core right wingers (this is why he is now claiming victory). They not only will immunize him from any impeachment attempt, but will allow him to nominate anyone he chooses. He already canned Sessions, which he has been wanting to do for months because now he can install an absolute loyalist in his place.

All those pundits predicting gridlock are full of it. The war machine will rumble on unimpeded, Trump will retain his absolute control of America's belligerent foreign policy and domestically he will continue to govern mostly via executive order, which is his preferred method anyway.

Jay Farquharson said...


Anything the House Investigations find, can be handed off to State and District AG's for criminal prosecution.

The House has a broad array of tools with which to compell testimony, documents, financial records, and now, they control the Federal Purse strings.

During the ReThug Nazi's faux investigations over the past 40 years, they never used them, other than once, (A Russia Whistleblower), because there had to be a "there,there". The targets of the ReThug Nazi's all complied, because there was nothing there. The one victim spent 68 days in "House Jail", was finally given approval by her bosses to testify, testified, and there was no "there there". She also won her Civil Rights Suit against the House, took home $68 million in damages, and retired from Government service at the ripe old age of 32 with full benifits and vested, indexed pension.