Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Trudeau Pushed this Woman to a Premature Death

Justin Trudeau was instrumental in causing Audrey Parker's premature death.

Parker was terminally ill with stage-four breast cancer that had spread to her bones and, finally, to her brain. Trudeau had nothing to do with that.

What Trudeau is responsible for is leaving Parker no choice but to end her life months before it was necessary. That's because our morally ambiguous prime minister chose to defy the per curiam decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Carter case and abridge every Canadian's rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Trudeau, with Justice Minister Jody riding shotgun, passed assisted dying legislation (that 'false majority' again) that extended the constitutional right to assisted dying to some Canadians while denying it to others such as Audrey Parker.

The Guardian article says Parker's death has sparked a debate in Canada. There's no debate. There's a decision, a 9-0 per curiam decision. If there's anything debatable it is whether the Trudeau government accepts the rule of law.

The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, the entire court, per curiam, is straightforward. You can read it here in its entirety.

How many terminally ill Canadians have faced this nightmarish decision will probably never be known. What we do know is that, until Trudeau is forced to bend to Canadians' Charter rights, there are bound to be more.


Lulymay said...

It's that old RC upbringing, Mound. My husband and I have recently engaged in a sparring discussion re the whole "death with dignity" issue and he, being raised RC but not a practicing one, is absolutely certain that THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GO!! Needlesss to say, coming from Northern Ireland, my father was just as absolutely certain that "religion is just another dreaded disease", so I will have to find a way around this and because I am a committed "right to die" person, it isn't going to be fun!

It seems like something that was so simple to implement and was widely supported isn't nearly as simple as the Libs all lead to believe.

The Mound of Sound said...

I remember when PET decriminalized abortion (the Henry Morgentaler controversy). He took a lot of heat from the RC church. Later he said that he knew his policy would please neither side but there was no way to reconcile their contrary demands. Given the political and religious realities of that time, Trudeau acted with real courage in defying his own church. There is much of Pierre that did not pass down to his weakest son.

the salamander said...

.. Audrey Parker's astonishing courage really got to me.. Troubled ? I was left wondering where such courage came from. For sure I recognized it was higher level than I could imagine, much less muster.. or deliver.. and I consider myself pretty imaginative.. and tend to step up, even surprise myself in difficult or tragic circumstances.. but not on such a high plateau.. not even close

Audrey Parker 'saw the wind' ..

A few suggestions.. aside from an appropriate Canadian postage stamp, and a post mortem Order of Canada.. I would like to see a bursery as well as a self sustained (tax payer funded) 'Award' for applied understanding and publishing - of perspectives, opinions, literature, explorations, or celebrations of such Canadians as her. Will think this over.. and look for advocates that could align with Audrey Parker's wishes, advice.. and those who survive her.. family, partners, friends.. or just ordinary folk like me, who wonder where such grace & strength comes from & would love to see it recognized appropriately..