Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Tony Clement, Dirty Pictures? Eeeewww!

Dirty Tony. Bad Tony, bad.

He thought he was sending his personal man smut to a consenting adult female. He sent explicit photos and a video.

Now Tony Clement has resigned from Andrew Scheer's shadow cabinet and a gaggle of other posts he previously held.

Tony says it was a shakedown.

“Over the last three weeks, I have shared sexually explicit images and a video of myself to someone who I believed was a consenting female recipient,” Clement said in the statement. “The recipient was, in fact, an individual or party who targeted me for the purpose of financial extortion. The RCMP are currently investigating the matter to determine the identity of the party responsible for the extortion attempt.”
Sort of reminds me of another Tony. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Tony Weiner, Anthony Weiner.


wheatington said...

Sorry, Tony, the bad girl made me do it is not an excuse. Good riddance.

Toby said...

Why does this not surprise?

KFB said...


the salamander said...

.. its to laugh (or cringe) at the shortcomings of Canadian 'public servants' .. As far as Tony Clement goes, he bobbed n weaved over some 50 million $ funneled his way via John Baird as directed by Ray Novak per Stephen Harper supreme directive. Now any of these folks could be presumed to have led a double or duplicious private life.. especially if one adds in Laureen Harper.. ie private lives and ethics or morality with no real connection to the political personas they maintained via complicit nudge nudge wink wink mainstream and/or captured media.

So now lets hear mainstream media ask the exalted Tony Clement if he blindsided PM Trudeau & let him appoint him to a bipartisan commitee while knowing the whole shebang was going to fold up yesterday.. sheltered by explosive US midterms coverage..

Or did Tony Clement tell PM Trudeau in advance.. and it was a mutual agreement, to 'play the public' & here was the backroom deal.. hell, it was the gentlemanly thing to do eh ? Like why humilate dear Tony's high flying lawyer wife, chair of some sort of commitee, their three children, the rest of their family & friends, the CPC Party, the Parry Sound - Muskoka citizenry and electorate.. with the bad news that..

Tony Clement flopdicked video and photos of his weenie in his spare time a la that celebrated repeat offender or victim - Anthony Weiner.. to complete strangers, preferable of medium length hair and mid 20's.. that's right Tony and his weenie are the victims but the RCMP will ride to the rescue and find the vicious perp who 'catfished' the bottom feeder. Inappropriate behaviour is the new evangelism, Mound.. some sort of temporary mood disorder whereby on becoming a millionaire as a low paid public servant & political anima, there come a need to pull it out of your pants for a 'selfy' ..

Laureen lived in sin in the Chateau Laurier with her RCMP friend, and Harper/Novak is a mystery, John Baird led a mysterious ribald life whenever in London England staying at Canada House, John Moore abrubtly disappeared himself as the #ridemewilfred laughable philandering was exposed, Bernier self destructed, Patrick Brown & Guy Giorno too. Who cares? To think I don't notice what astonishing liars can accumulate in terms of wealth, while misleading all of Canada.. ? That mainstream media plays along ? And that our 'payoff is seeing such limpdicks get a gold plated pension on top ? Whew.. the medical term 'diseased' comes to mind .. not
public service

John B. said...

My but doesn’t this Tony so look the part?

I don’t get the fascination with taking pictures of oneself, let alone focussing on the private parts. I’ve owned lots of cameras over the last fifty years and gone through hundreds of rolls of film, but I’ve yet to take a picture of myself or any specific part thereof. I suppose it could have something to do with the inexpensiveness and ease of digital photography and, as for the dickpics, maybe it’s a case of don’t-knock-it-until-you’ve-tried-it.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Never mix your personal life with your professional life" it's already been said too many times before.

The real issue: Boundaries don't seem to exist anymore. Too much spillover, each microcosmic bubble expanding exponentially with no regard to what's occupying the spaces near them.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh, wheatington. What if the woman was Muslim?

The Mound of Sound said...

If you're wondering about that response to 'wheatington' you can check out his web site. The guy is a consummate islamophobe.

The Mound of Sound said...

And the winner is - Sal, for this wonderful line:

"Inappropriate behaviour is the new evangelism"

The Mound of Sound said...

John B. - I don't get it either. Grown man, family. Maybe it's an advanced middle age thing, a desperate need for a bit of strange.

The Mound of Sound said...

Tal, why do you think it is that the most self-righteous of the lot so often wind up in sex scandals?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People routinely project their own worst traits onto those they feel animosity toward is my guess.

I also guess that Mr. Clement actually WAS doing all this stuff on his own time after all---but that the media and investigators can be so officious when it comes to celebrities and politicians, as they seem obligated to have some degree of scruples and moral character as they're perceived to somehow have strong influence over the mindset of the general public.

I, myself, have never considered what any well-known person does or believes to be of any relevance to my own personal life.

Because Pictures! said...

Tony Gazebo. He was known to be dishonest long before this.

Jay Farquharson said...

The KKKristianist Family Values crowd are the worst at actually having Family Values.

God forgives all transgressions if you just ask for forgiveness, ( unless you are LBGTQ or a woman),

And the Wife has to forgive, because God did and anything else is not respecting the wifely role proscribed by God.

Guy's don't suddenly get the urge to "stray" in middle age. The ones that stray have had that urge all along. What they get is the money, power, prestiege and opportunities to be more likely to "get away" with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my. Tony Clement....who needed to get his dangle dingled by a fifteen year old girl or girls. He is nothing but a "Dirty Old Man" with a big head. Anyong

Anonymous said...

"God forgives all transgressions if you just ask for forgiveness, ( unless you are LBGTQ or a woman)" I know all about this Jay and when participation was denied, out came the old drug and drink thingy and all because the miscreant wanted a notch on his belt because due to red hair. Anyong