Monday, May 06, 2019

Another Victim of Collapsing Biodiversity - Forests

They're essential for life on Earth. Forests help cleanse the air, removing CO2 and some other contaminants. They maintain soil balance and the water table. They provide habitat for populations of animals, fungi, and insects. The Amazon anchors the main hydrologic cycle for South America.

And they're disappearing at man's hand. Here you can see what crewmembers aboard the International Space Station have been observing from their craft's viewing cupola for years.


Hugh said...

In BC we're building a new $10 billion dam to provide hydro power for oil and gas development and LNG in BC, so they can be called 'cleanest'. Flooding 85 km of the Peace River at the same time.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes we are, Hugh, and our NDP government, like the BC Libs before it, is just fine with that.

Trailblazer said...

I have on many occasions flown over Vancouver island at a level where I could see the devastation of clearcutting.
My work has also taken me to more remote areas of the island and again I see the effects of clearcutting.
Modern logging equipment are mechanical marvels that make short work of any forest.
Efficiency has its price ; a price good for shareholders but not the environment.
Many years ago I flew over Lake Williston an area that was quickly logged before the flooding for the dam.
At that time it was not recommended to take a boat on the lake as large uncut trees popped up like spears when their roots were washed out ; possibly sinking any passing boat.
There were so many trees submerged that , later, underwater logging was undertaken using air powered chain saws !
Strange but true.
That all happened in the 1970's.
Our contempt for the environment has still not changed.
Even now I listen to fishermen who having had a good herring catch this year proclaim that the herring fishery is sustainable! tell that to the Orcas.

At the end of the day the pay cheque or that condo in the sun trumps common sense or at least dulls the mind.
When I see pictures of the lonely 'big Doug'
I could weep.


The Mound of Sound said...

Well put, TB. I too have seen the clearcut from low-flying float planes. Now Horgan is ready to approve more felling in the old growth near Port Renfrew. These are things I think about every time I hear another New Dem boast about their environmental credentials.

Anonymous said...

They aren't going to stop until we are all dead.