Monday, May 27, 2019

The Liberals Double Down. Is There an Election Looming?

When it comes to climate change the Liberals take the cake for hypocrisy. Apparently some sinister force is thwarting their earnest efforts to  declare a climate state of emergency for Canada. That malevolent darkness, they would have you believe, is the Scheer Conservatives.


The people of Canada, perhaps imprudently, delivered Team Trudeau a powerful, albeit false, majority in 2015 in no small part based on their solemn electoral promise to fight climate change.

The wankers, yes 'wankers', instead jettisoned those promises to expedite the extraction, transmission and sale abroad of the most vile high-carbon, high-cost andf low-value fossil fuel of them all, bitumen.

Please, you unadulterated wankers, don't piss on my leg and then try to claim it's raining.

There is a climate emergency, no argument there. We have an mountains of research verifying that. We can see - right there before our very eyes - the early-onset impacts. We know what's coming from any continuation of Liberal carbon policy, especially if other nations take their cue from us.

Some dark force is what prevents the majority Liberal government from declaring a "climate emergency"? You would have to be as ignorant as a Liberal to swallow that crap.

Eleven years left to cut GHG emissions by half. And where is this 'thwarted' government? Hell, I've told you often enough, ask them.

Justin Trudeau's Liberals are exploiting this obviously existential threat to score political points while making the future that much worse.

I came to the Liberals half a lifetime ago inspired by Laurier, St. Laurent, Pearson and the only Trudeau that lived up to the name of 'Liberal.'
Each, by turn, made this a better, stronger and more democratic country. Those days are gone. Justin Trudeau is the living proof.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May said on radio CBC out of Calgary this morning.."Canada needs to be using alternative energy by 2050". To be honest, I don't think there is one politician in this country that has any idea how desperate and sick the World is from Climate Change. 2050 be damned! I mean sick as in "sick" which we had made this earth to be. Where is there hope in this where to be found. We aren't even teaching anything about Climate Change in our schools. We Canadians are living in a vacuum. I have not seen so many young men sitting on their backsides in a library as I have seen in this past year. They are even sleeping in the Library...a person can go there anytime of day and there they are. What could they be doing for the country?? Anyong

Trailblazer said...

The year in which most countries are going to meet their carbon reduction programmes is usually a few years after the author thinks he or she will die.
Carbon; someone else's responsibility preferably in the future !


The Mound of Sound said...

"Carbon; someone else's responsibility preferably in the future!"

Too many of us, including many of our leaders, take that approach, TB. How do we define "the future" when the window of opportunity to deal with this, our chance of averting catastrophic climate change, is closing in the present?

If I hear another Liberal simp whine that Canada is too small to make any difference I may scream.

Our aggregate GHG emissions are higher than just over 180 other nations, some of them with far greater populations than our own. Our per capita emissions are higher than about 187 other nations.

Our forests, once a massive carbon sink, are transforming into a massive carbon bomb. Further north, methane and CO2 is belching from the thawing tundra and no-longer-perma-permafrost.

Canada the Good is a myth that has lost any credence.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong, there's a myopia in our leadership that prevents them from seeing beyond the illusion of our economy. I call it an illusion because Canada's and the global economy are imperiled by the climate crisis. If we are lucky enough to still be alive when midnight ushers in 2030 you'll see what I mean.

Trailblazer said...

Canada's and the global economy are imperiled by the climate crisis.

I beg to differ.
What I believe will happen is that adapting to climate change, instead of stopping it, will present more business opportunities than we can imagine.
Pumping invisible carbon dioxide into spent oil wells is a wet dream for some!!
I am sure your readers will dream up many more 'investment' opportunities than I.


Northern PoV said...

For TB:
Quick - join Bill Gates (angel investor for this project) and get in now:

Carbon Engineering creates clean fuel out of air.