Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More on America's UFOs

This is the most amazing story that no one cares about.  Unidentified vehicles that engage in air combat maneuvering with US Navy F-18s. Multiple intrusions every month in American military airspace. Strange craft that have no wings, no control surfaces, no evidence of propulsion systems, that can vastly outperform anything man-made in the air. Pilots speaking out, their claims verified by the Pentagon where officials have been tracking these things since 2014.

The story first emerged from the Washington Post, then Politico, Canada's Global News, now it's the New York Times and CNN.


Trailblazer said...

Perhaps this is what Canada needs for it's F18 replacement.
Preferably a two engined UFO for operation in the far north.
Presuming the UFO's are from another universe then they should have the range required for our use.
They sure seem stealthy enough so that's good if we wish to join the USA on another false flag mission.
I wonder if they use the remarkable Martin Baker ejection seats?


The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not sure that they're stealthy, TB. Pilot accounts suggest they are tracked on radar, both ground radars and onboard radars. The videos, we're told, come from a Raytheon tracking pod, IR and a few other things. This indicates they are, or are willing to be, detected by conventional systems.

What I find intriguing is that these USN pilots report whatever these things are, they're willing to engage in ACM, air combat maneuvering, matching the F-18s at every turn before breaking contact, accelerating away at rates that no human could survive. It's one thing to be pressed back into your seat at a few Gs. It's always Gs as a function of time, duration. It's another to accelerate so rapidly to speeds well beyond anything we've developed.

Northern PoV said...

They'd like to help - an alien intervention ... but those damn intergalactic non-interference laws ....

Toby said...

I want one of those things. What a rush! Sure beats the traffic jam on the Kelowna bridge.

Actually, I think the UFOs are a natural phenomenon not yet understood. Maybe something to do with reflections?

The Mound of Sound said...

Toby, a natural phenomenon doesn't fit. It would be inconsistent with the reports that these things counter-maneuver. That's dogfighting. They've also been detected by ground and airborne radars, visually, and on IR targeting pods.

Lorne said...

A book I highly recommend is by journalist Leslie Kean. I can guarantee that after reading it, few will have doubts about the existence of these strange craft:

Trailblazer said...

UFO denialists and AGW denialists have something in common.
The evidence is there but the will to act is not.
Perhaps it is the arrogance of the human race that we are not willing to look at ourselves and accept that we are fallible.


Toby said...

Many years ago a fisherman told me a about a trip he made down Grenville Channel on BC's north coast. They were navigating by radar because of dense fog and poor light. The radar picked up a blip of another vessel heading straight at them. So they altered course. The blip followed them. They spent the next hour turning this way and that trying to evade the oncoming vessel but which ever way they went the blip followed. My friend and his crew were totally spooked. He told me that, for a while, he was thinking UFO.

The cause of the blip? They were underneath a hydro electrical line with the big metal balls used to alert aircraft. The radar signal was bouncing off one or more balls.

I am not even sure the Air Force is being honest. Their history is not good on this. Some years back they were encouraging UFO talk in order to hide their very real tests of super sonic fighters.

Anonymous said...

Heard this on CBC yesterday.....a lot of developing is happening somewhere. Anyong