Monday, May 27, 2019

Jody is Independent. Jane is Independent.

Wilson-Raybould has announced she'll seek re-election in Vancouver-Granville as an independent. I expect her decision means that riding is lost to the Liberals even if she doesn't win in October.

So much for Jody. As for Jane, news crews are awaiting her arrival at some produce market in Markham-Stouffville.  It was interesting looking at all those former Liberal voters gathered to await her announcement. Ah, here's Jane.

Dr. Philpott is also running - as an independent.  Given the enthusiasm of the crowd it seems that Markham-Stouffville is also now lost to the Liberals.

When the campaign does begin it's hard to imagine what their Liberal opponents will have to say about them. How will they try to take them down? Attacking either of them could be suicidal.

Philpott praised Elizabeth May and the Greens, pledging to support their platform.


Anonymous said...

Good. Too bad I cannot vote for them.
All major parties are run by the possessed or lunatics.

ffibs said...

Probably a good idea, as it appears that neither one of them works in a group environment.

Anonymous said...

The Greens are fortunate they decided to be Independent.