Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The Myth of the Single-Issue Party

A few Liberals seem to be getting a bad case of "swamp ass" with the way they're smearing the Green Party.

Some dig deep and claim it's a racist party because it tolerates legitimate criticism of Israel. Screw that. Most of the Jewish population of the United States voice the same criticisms.

Others dismiss it as a single-issue party or, worse, a rightwing single issue party. More Liberal swamp ass. Here's the party platform. Read it for yourself. I dare you because you might just find it's what you've been waiting for.  Read it and then tell me how progressive your party is.

We're fed up with "Liberal-Tory, same old story." We're fed up with New Dems that talk a good game until they get a whiff of power.

You may have noticed that our world has changed and is continuing to change in ways that are threatening and challenging. We've seen how the Liberals rose to that occasion and we know the Conservatives will be even worse. They'll ruin Canada for future generations.

The Liberals remain a party of Bay Street, KPMG, SNC-Lavalin and their ilk. The Tories are nose deep in the backsides of the Calgary Petroleum Club and the oil lobby which are leaving an ecological catastrophe wherever they operate. This is old school politics straight down the ticket. It's getting to be more than the country can bear if we're to have a future. Dinosaurs too beholden to powerful special interests to serve the public interest.

There's a reason that Elizabeth May is the only federal leader with a positive popular opinion rating. There's a reason why the Liberal leader is deep, deep in the hole.


zoombats said...

The message is "Vote Green with a clear conscience". Grok that.

Lorne said...

I saw a report tonight on Global that said 40% of people who call themselves progressives would consider voting for the Green Party, Mound. I hope the momentum continues and builds.

Anonymous said...

I thought May had been a bit quiet these past few years. She came roaring back today in an interview I heard.

Frankly, it's been some time since I decided to vote Green, because there is no other choice for a thinking person who actually has tried to examine the issues. Only flagrant self-hypnosis propels Liberal lovers; the Cons are so far out of it you wonder if they have spare brain cells enough to get them through each day; the NDP went Blairite neoliberal when Layton decided he'd like to have a chance at being the Big Knob - Singh, I'm afraid, is so disorganized he doesn't know what to do or what he is.

Green FTW! Let's restore some sanity to this country.


Trailblazer said...

I hope the Nanaimo Green win releases those that thought that, why vote Green no one else does , to vote with their conscience.
I was congratulated today for the Green ; Manly sign at the bottom of my driveway.
How many Greens remain in the closet?


The Mound of Sound said...

TB - Too many of us remain in the closet. I am building a lovely collection of Green Party lawn signs, federal and provincial. When they call to come and pick them up I send them packing - with a smile of course.

People are worried and they have every reason to be and the old school parties are dishing up baubles but no clear and meaningful action. We simply cannot leave the future in their hands.

Zoombats, Lorne, BM, Sal, Owen (I think) and you - that's pretty fine company.

Trailblazer said...

My hope is that this Green win is not like Notleys win in Alberta!
I hope this was a positive vote and not anyone but vote!

Paul has much to do to solidify confidence before this coming fall election.
Best of luck to him.


rumleyfips said...

O/T but someone's getting it right.


Ben Burd said...

Only way to contact you Mound but here is a comment left on ProgBlog - I've had enough and I know you wrote about it a week ago. Feel free to delete this comment as soon as you read it it FYI

"Just how long are you going to support the activities of Warren Kinsella and his profane outbursts in support of his hatred for Justin Trudeau?
There have been other appeals for you to do something, it is time for a statement from you about this hatemonger and egotist.
I believe, as others do that his link to the title of "Progressive" is extinct and as such should be expunged from this site.
Just my two cents worth"