Thursday, May 16, 2019

CBC - Winds of Change Sweeping Across Canada

The CBC's Eric Grenier has discovered that the Canadian people are developing an appetite for change.

Grenier focuses on Canada's traditionally stodgy politics.

Not since the Great Depression disrupted sitting governments across the country has any prime minister presided over a period of such sweeping political turnover as Justin Trudeau has ahead of October's federal election. 
Another government could be added to the tally if Dwight Ball's Liberals fail to secure re-election in today's vote in Newfoundland and Labrador — a defeat that would make Trudeau's term in office the bloodiest for an incumbent government in Canadian history.
Unless I missed something, these turnovers and upsets have been relatively bloodless but, I suppose, I could be wrong.  Here's the thing that Grenier may have overlooked - the world has been swept up in change and it's only just getting started. And this change can alter many things, our politics just one of them.

The Redneck Rampage that has infested the country from the Rockies to the Ottawa River is worrisome yet you can't lay that at Mr. Trudeau's feet.  However, like swarms of cicada, they have arisen, promising to set right any manner of wrongs and grievances, often more imagined than real. They run about setting Reichstag Fires and pointing at everyone but themselves as the culprit.

My guess is that this nonsense will get old and soon. Doug Ford has no answers to Ontario's problems. Jason Kenney is a bag of wind. Moe, Pallister - ditto, ditto.  The 80s are gone. We're about to march into the 2020s and anyone keen on change will get a belly full and they won't like it when these clowns can't help them.


Lorne said...

People throughout Canada who crave change should be careful what they wish for, Mound. Ontario under the Ford regime and its merciless gutting of programs should be an object lesson for all.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's a problem endemic of these populists, Lorne. They have no real vision, no answers except to designate blame on others.

Anonymous said... it. Couldn't have said better myself.