Friday, May 03, 2019

Sorry, Petro-Pimps, the Federal Carbon Tax IS Constitutional - Saskatchewan Court of Appeal

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has rejected premier Moe's claim that the minuscule federal carbon tax is somehow unconstitutional. Almost no one, except that dimwit Moe, thought any court would toss the tax.

Undaunted, the five-watt premier, has vowed to take his crusade to the Supreme Court of Canada.


zoombats said...

Well, when he loses that one he should have to foot the bill for court costs and be fined for using the publics funds for such futile and trivial pursuits.

The Mound of Sound said...

Wishful thinking, Zoombats. Pleasant but wishful.

Purple library guy said...

I'm a bit surprised at what the article says about what the sides were specifically arguing. I thought the Feds would be saying basically OK, it's a tax and the federal government has the power to tax so we have the power to do this. Instead they apparently said it's not a tax and they're allowed to do it because they're allowed to do things to promote Peace, Order and Good Government, Eh? While the province apparently argued that it is a tax, and that would be a problem because I don't understand why.
Guess I don't understand the provincial/federal rules very well.

Anonymous said...

We're not talking grand intellect on the part of Schmoe and his third rate legal team. Conservatives wandering the prairies have for some time forgotten they're part of the country except when there's crop failures and they need some free money. Wheat Board? Ban it! Squawk diddly dum dum dee. Signifying only self-interest.

Then there are the majority of Albertans who are right out of it. Bills C48 and C69 will stymie future investment in tarsands, said Kenney yesterday, because environment is a word not in his vocabulary as Chief PR Spin Doctor and Lobbyist for mostly foreign oil companies and uninformed "upset" Albertans who might want to "secede". Charming. More tarsands development when the output has risen over 50% in a decade and the world is melting. Give that crew a gold star for being gigantically unobservant and selfish. Bloody idiots all of them. Diversify away from shovel projects that consume vast quantities of fresh water turning it into poison and modernize - they won't hear of it. No sir.

Then there's Giant Fang Horgan, happily fracking north east BC and causing earthquakes giving concern at Site C Dam development let alone homeowners, looking for shale gas to fill a pipe to the export LNG terminal on the coast. About as two-faced as a pol can be.

Name me a half-awake provincial premier. That's right. There aren't any. Presumably none can read statutes either and employ mediocre legal staff.

Fraud, Pallister if he's not swanning about in his home in central America, and Kenney are still suing the Feds over the carbon tax. Flog a dead horse and it's still dead.

However, many of my fellow citizens are no brighter than these premiers. They voted the idiots in recently, so we can be assured that the average dope walking the street is just that - an average dope who doesn't believe in climate change. Or care. Nor do they have even the most basic of clues as to how the country is legally constituted. An informed populace? Don't make me laugh.


The Mound of Sound said...

Journalists have a notoriously difficult time grasping legal matters, PLG. The more subtle or complex an issue the harder it can be to convey in a way palatable to the news audience.

The Mound of Sound said...

BM, it's far from easy to have much confidence in today's crop of premiers.
We've had some good provincial leaders in the past - Roy Ramanow, Bill Davis, Mike Harcourt, Peter Lougheed, and a few others that come to mind. Then came the clown car with the marginally sentient such as Doug Ford and the unscrupulous a.k.a. Jason Kenney. A decade ago they would have been shunted aside before they could reach for the brass ring. Today they've become the norm, and no good can come of it.