Wednesday, May 15, 2019

He'll Always Be a Felon to Me

Lots of people make mistakes, run afoul of the law, get convicted and do a stretch in prison only to eventually receive a pardon.

Here's my take. The significance of a pardon depends no end on just who is granting absolution. When that someone is Donald Trump, someone you have faithfully shilled for in the pages of the equally dodgy National Post, it's not quite like a real pardon. It's a Trump Pardon, meh.

So an unindicted felon, Trump, grants a convicted felon, Black a pardon. That really doesn't change things. One larcenous swine knows a thoroughly unprincipled swine and, voila, swine things ensue.

Perhaps his Lordship should now di di mau to Westminster to receive the warm Welcome Home from his fellow peers. We should get something out of this if only to see his heels out of our country.


Anonymous said...

Nicely vituperative.


zoombats said...

I hope some Brainiac doesn't give him back his Canadian citizenship. Hey Connie, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

the salamander said...

.. ah, The Despicables cling together .. ! Like clumping parasites

If there's one thing I adore about 'social media' its how much it resembles lightning and cleansing brush fire. It comes from seemingly nowhere or ominous thunderheads.. but one never knows where exactly it will strike or when or whom. America (to me) is like a tinderbox.. Canada not far behind. Thus North America is a disaster just waiting to happen. It won't be 'a Rapture' - it will be a Revelation. The personal tragedy for you and me, Mound is that unless we live to 100.. we may miss the shitshow.. The Great Comeuppance, the Firestorm, The Great Turning - Upside of Down..

I just don't believe the Great 'Golf Pope' Trump, the Lord Black's of Slackamoor, the Alex Jones, the Hannity's, the Jenni Byrnes, the Harper/Novak Twins, the Mitch McConnells, the South Carolina or Alabama scoundrels, the Rich Colemans, the Epsteins.. can run fast enough to escape the perfidious flames.. they will be trampled in the rush.. then charred.. even slow cooked - pulled pork parasites. They can't eat their money or accumulated loot and property. They're fat, they're ugly.. they're dirty.. and they stink.. Jeebuz does not love them either.. and waving their bible scriptures just won't cut it.. They are The Damned.. yer basic parasites.. and oh deary me.. but they are SLOW & they are SLOPPY ! And they are Slimy !

It may seem cruel.. but a classic example is Honey and Barry Sherman & their bitter END. And I don't give a fluck 'who done it' - what arouses my curiosity is the WHY.. That's an example of the lightning strike and the resulting fire. Thus somewhere down the road, a bolt from the sky will take out Alex Jones or Tom Flanagan.. Tony weeny wagger Clement, or Sean the mouth Hannity.. its just inevitable. The story I hear re the late Shermans is about Payback. After all, Barry was a supremely litigious man. He built his mansion.. or rather, various contractors and trades did so. But Barry didn't pay.. he went to court instead.. so take your pick.. drywall and plaster ? Concrete? Cabinetry? Carpentry? Landscaping? It was not 'about the money' - it was about somebody refusing to be pushed around or humiliated.. aside from being ripped off. It was about 'principle' .. that wild card that the above mentioned arrogant felons in previous paragraphs don't 'get'. Ring a bell re Trump? Or Lard Black?

In my experience.. you cannot stop a pro. Sure, you can deflect common B & E artists with alarms and locks.. but not a determined & motivated or extremely bitter foe and their pro. That's a whole different equation. That's revenge served cold.. stone cold. The sad thing is.. its us, and our Environment getting screwed.. payback or revenge will never fix the damage.. its forever

Northern PoV said...

Loved your title. Brought to mind Billy Joel

He is frequently daft and he's suddenly cruel.
But he can do as he pleases, he's nobody's fool.
And he can't be convicted, despite your degree.
And the least he will do is throw shadows at you,
but he's always a dirtbag to me.

Owen Gray said...

I understand that Nancy Pelosi and William Barr had to endure each other yesterday at a public event. Barr laughingly asked Pelosi if she had brought her handcuffs with her. So much for the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Since the US doesn't recognize our pardons, I see no reason to recognize theirs.

The real shame is that our own police failed to arrest Con for his flagrant breach of an Ontario court order that was caught on security cameras! I don't know why Trudeau introduced DPAs into Canadian law when we hardly ever prosecute corporate criminals to begin with.


The Mound of Sound said...

I thought the Americans nailed Trump on obstruction, Cap. Did the US appellate court reduce his overall sentence on that?

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, I sometimes fear I will miss the "shit show" only to remind myself to be grateful for such blessings.

the salamander said...

.. the 'shit show' I speak of is when the general population realize they have been 'had' - robbed blind - misled - by twisted faux evangelistas a la Rich Coleman, Donald Trump, Kellie Leitch, Mitch McConnell, Andrew Scheer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Justin Trudeau, Ray Novak, Alex Jones, Stu Butts, Sean Hannity, Don Martin, Stephen Harper, Steve Bannon, Jason Kenney, Jerry Fallwell Jr, Peter McKay..

Basically - the pretend 'grownups' who turned out to be grooming them for the 'taking'.. the shit show won't be pretty.. no lipstick - plenty of absolute molten volcano outrage - the 'future' stolen or trashed and/or poisoned.. lotsa misery all round.. civil war essentially - a profound mind blowing socio - political backflip - good luck to the 'Make Alberta Great Again' scumflucks.. following the Trump fuckery scumflucks down the golden petro, scrape the earth, toilet to the overflowing or flooded partisan septic tanks.. and into OUR lakes and rivers and oceans