Tuesday, May 14, 2019

It's a Manly Thing. Jagmeet Now Opposes Fracking.

Just days after the New Dems were tossed in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith by-election by the Green Party candidate, Paul Manly, a clearly panicked Jagmeet Singh has become "woke" on climate change.

Canada must meet the UN call for slashing greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030, now urges Mr. Singh. But wait, there's more. The federal NDP now opposes fracking for oil and gas. Wowser.

It's funny how environmentally conscious the New Dems become when they're soiling their dainties. What's not funny is how quick they can be to shed the environmental fervor when the moment passes sort of like Justin Trudeau's solemn campaign promises.


the salamander said...

.. repeating a huge gripe.. but we get noyz or horseshit salad only from our brave n bright political 'leaders' - its akin to the point of purchase gossip rags at displays by the nations cash registers.. Kanye West welcomes surrogate 15th child, Putin dragged off by albino polar bear, Elvis stalks the earth.. only at night, in the meat section

It seems apparent to me these elected 'public servants' actually know 'JACK' .. but have some vague competance at learning talking wank points.. (from whom??) Yes yes.. these are supported by vaunted 'Ministers' and Parliamentary Secretaries, their spokeswanks reading their scripts.

Can any single one of them among Scheer, Trudeau, Singh - actually tell us (canadians) who really wants to buy our bitumin & the why/whatfor - besides the Koch Brothers .. Washington State, California or the US Gulf Coast refineries ?? Can they explain at Grade 3 level how/why Alberta dilbit is 'discounted' ? Can they lecture at Kindergarden level upon fracking water use and needs, related disposal or storage of fracking fluids ? How about methane escape ?? Hell, can they hold forth on the prevailing wind or downriver direction of Ft McMurray ??

The answer my friends is blowing out their asses.. they don't know 'jack' - its all hand waving, baby kissing, posturing pretension and fakery.. ms McKenna is better to look at than Peter Kent.. as Minister of OUR Environment and that's the only difference.. but it was a guy named Butts 'informed' her and a guy named Novak informed Peter Kent on his 'role' on a daily basis - who knows who feeds Andrew Scheer his daily garbage spew & droning verbage. Singh is so far behind the curve its laughable.. but then so is the entire NDP..

Notice how out of touch these people are from their riding.. those alien areas where they got their votes and their jobs and their pensions from.. Windbags and windigos.. sly political posers and captured corporate sellouts.. what ? 50 + BILLION ANNUALLY ie EVERY YEAR direct and indirect subsidies to BIG Energy - bitumin, natural gas, oil..

Pollution is actually OK cuz we're growing THE ECONOMY by throwing money at it.. These dreamboats ever read up on thawing permafrost or peat fires ?? No.. didn't think so. If one of these half baked sack of hammers can name a single ingredient of fracking fluids aside from water, un-coached - I swear I will leap from Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump twice, even three times.. because that's what they expect us to do come election time.. and for 4 years until the next election - just keep jumping.. cuz that 'grows the economy'.. its 'nation building' .. dontcha know

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, you have planted images in my mind that I may have to scrub out with soap. Ain't life grand?

the salamander said...

.. tis .. !

Anonymous said...

"woke"....awakened would be better.