Monday, May 06, 2019

Breakthrough. Greens Win Nanaimo-Ladysmith By-Election.

Awesome stuff. The Green Party, represented by former NDP star, Paul Manly, has won today's by-election in Nanaimo-Ladysmith.

The Greens began with an early lead over the Liberal, Tory, NDP and the People's Republic of Canada party, Bernier's outfit. The PPC, judging by the numbers of campaign signs, put in a massive effort - for naught. It seems our "better angels" put paid to Bernier's clowns.

The Conservatives took second place, the NDP a deservedly disappointing third and the pipeline party, the Liberals took an also deservedly dismal fourth place.


the salamander said...

.. BRAVO !!

zoombats said...

Vote Green with a clear conscience. Well done folks

Lorne said...

This is excellent news, Mound! I hope that more people now start to consider The Green Party as a serious option in the fall election.

Northern PoV said...

I will likely vote Green in Oct.
That said .. Cons came 2nd ....
If these trends hold ....I think we'll see more Green seats ... with a Scheer gov't

Trailblazer said...

Perhaps, like myself, voters finally decided to vote with their hearts and not just strategically.
Manly and Chamberlin were , as far as I know, the only two candidates with anything to offer; the others being little more than political opportunists.

If one looks back on the origin of this election then Sheila Malcolmson a political opportunist herself has much to answer for!


Owen Gray said...

Change may, indeed, be on the way.

The Mound of Sound said...

At this point what we need to do is put our shoulder into helping the Greens in October. We need to put fear into these petro-pols, Scheer and Trudeau.

I always knew we would reach this point. It was obvious that the Green Party platform would prevail through the failure of the old school parties to respond to the public interest.

A tsunami of greenwash will be heading our way in the months ahead. Let's not get suckered again the way Trudeau suckered us in 2015.

Northern PoV said...

Re: "If one looks back on the origin of this election then Sheila Malcolmson a political opportunist herself has much to answer for!"

New nationwide law needed

If you resign an elected position, you are ineligible to stand for election for any other position in Canada until the term of the office you abandoned has expired.

deb said...

awesome win, Paul Manly ran a great campaign. and people are sick of the political corruption
I Hope this is the beginning of a green wave that washes over our country