Friday, May 24, 2019

Ready for Prime Minister Boris?

I've been listening to LBC Radio London to get the latest after Theresa May's announcement that she'll step down as prime minister in just two weeks. It's believed her successor will move into 10 Downing St. by mid-July.

Among the Tory ranks are several who've been positioning themselves to run for the top job and, foremost among them, seems to be Boris Johnson, May's nemesis in recent months.

Johnson is a rank opportunist and a chronic liar. That seems to be a spreading problem these days. He's also on record as supporting a "hard Brexit," Britain's departure from the EU without an agreement, something that many experts think could deeply harm the UK economy.

Some, such as Stephen Fry, are pushing back.  In this first video, Fry explores why people such as Johnson and Nigel Farage are so keen on a "no deal" Brexit and what they have in mind for the British public.

In this video Fry looks at how the High Priests of Brexit have inculcated fear in their own supporters, fear that wanders freely into xenophobia and the gamut of racism.

Finally, if you can handle one more, Stephen Fry explores how the Leave camp has flat out lied about what the British public actually wants.


Toby said...

Thanks for this, Mound. It's an hard issue to follow. The Brexit boondoggle reminds me of other countries tearing themselves apart through corruption and mismanagement and entitled elites dipping into royal coffers. We've seen this movie before.

I'm disappointed that LBC Radio London let Nigel Farage host a program.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, it does seem to be the way works these days, Toby. I too think that giving Farage a show is pretty suspect. It's free advertising for his campaign. I only wish that O'Brien's show didn't come on at 2 a.m. PST.

John B. said...

I knew the libertarians were behind it. The tax evasion opportunities seal it. What will they think of next?

The Mound of Sound said...

Who knows, John? They always seem to be two steps ahead of everyone else. That's how they engineer chaos.

Trailblazer said...

Even if the UK has another vote the polls show 46% still wish to exit the EU.
This will hardly promote unification or pacify the UK electorate.
They are now doomed to be a second class country ruled by the wealthy.

We must learn from their mistakes and never have referendum won or lost by a simple majority.
Not that I Liked the result even the BC Liberals had it right when they asked for a 60% ( or more) vote to change to a STV.


Anonymous said...

O'Brien has his critics too:

Still, it's Blighty, so Reds under the bed and Corbyn getting O'Brien's boot is situation normal. And Farage learnt nothing from that interview, good as it was, because he's a cork that never sinks. Sneering is one of his better poses, and he'll probably get himself kicked out of the new EU Parliament for being an areshole and say "See? These damn Europeans can't take a bit of criticism. We need to leave, hard, as I've been saying for simply years, old boy." The right wing does so well at those trumped up BS charades.

Boris, meanwhile, is leader of the Boris Fan Cub for Boris, Boris division of the UK's Boris for chief of the Boris government for the Boris-in-charge Movement for better government by Boris. Did I mention Boris loves Boris and has never met a better Boris? There's a guy on progblog who reminds me of Boris what with best-selling book promotion and being a member of a punk band, and who never misses a chance for self-promotion - well, as it seems to strike me, anyway.

To put things in simple terms, as British Steel declared bankruptcy May 22 and all business grinds to a halt with uncertainty due to the Tory twats running the place in abject austerity and zero planning but lotsa attitude - a bit like Kenney promises for Alberta - the UK is farked. Soon Farage will be a country squire checking on his tenants and offering advice on how to keep chickens healthy so they can pay his yearly tithe on their production, instead of starving and owing HIM money due to chicken deaths. The aristos and would-be aristos never change - it's always your problem, not theirs.


Northern PoV said...

Dangerous times indeed.
DUP (the Irish protestant right wing) desperately want a deal. If there is no deal, Ireland will be united (ie no more 6-county-tyranny "Northern Ireland") shortly thereafter.
fwiw prediction:
If no-deal-Boris becomes PM he will lose a confidence vote.
PM Corbyn will negotiate a customs union.

Anonymous said...

TB, democracy means 50% +one wins. Too bad for 49.(9)%

Regarding Boris, he is much more entertaining than stuffy May. Plus sometimes he calls a spade a spade.

Owen Gray said...

Wisdom is in short supply these days.

Anonymous said...

It seems most men who are in politics or want into politics have receding chin lines or a greasy grin.