Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Always Brings a Big Smile

Sure, the world is pretty screwed up. But, if you just look for them, there are these gems.

Chester Arthur Burnett, a half a century basking in Howlin' Wolf:

That's as powerful as the very first time, decades ago, I first heard it. Hell, if Howlin' Wolf doesn't get you, consult somebody.


Lorne said...

Great stuff! Thanks, Mound.

zoombats in Hong Kong said...

Yeah man.

Danneau said...

There's a reason so much of this music has been recorded by so many admirers: it's pretty compelling stuff, stuff that grabbed my ears when I was a teen and hasn't let go in the intervening fifty years. I like it more these days as an historic document and emotional anchor than as an inspiration or life lesson, mostly because I'm less inclined to follow that testosterone-soaked slyness as an MO. Conflicted as I am about the slickness of Joe Bonamassa's technical blues bath, I still find it rewarding to see him do a complete set of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters at Red Rocks. I've been educated about various kinds of music by all sorts of people who've helped me see the light of diverse musical modes, but this is the touchstone to which I inevitably return.

It's encouraging to see that so cutting an intelligence also has a spare moment for good music.

The Mound of Sound said...

It is indeed compelling, Danneau. Like you, I've been steeped in early Blues for half a century, a bit more. The life stories of these guys is often as interesting as their music.

Unknown said...

Oh Gawd! I love the blues, I love blues guitar and I love Howlin Wolf. Eric Burden once said "the greatest art form to come out of the US was blues and jazz and it was relegated to the trash heap." Ain't it the truth. Thank goodness we all finally got to hear these great blues creaters and performers. Thx. for posting.