Monday, May 23, 2016

Wouldn't It Be Great If This Was Comedy?

It's a Big Club and you ain't in it.


Anonymous said...

Took the words from my mouth.
When I feel a little down, I turn to Carlin for a boost .
I love his take on the USA and by extension the Western World.
I also like his ' Too much stuff'

He brings sanity to those of us who dislike the political correctness of our age.

Lorne said...

He was just masterful, Mound, and so insightful, needed now more than ever. When we visited the Grammy Museum, I was very glad to see that there is a fairly extensive exhibit devoted to him.

Anonymous said...

Why am I thinking about the TPP while listening to this....?

Anon 2

Unknown said...

He was fantastic. I listen to him especially on my off days. He had the one virtue I admire more then any other, courage. The courage to know the truth and the courage to then speak the truth. A funny, intelligent man. He is missed.