Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is Trudeau Double-Crossing British Columbia? Sure Looks That Way.

Our prime minister, Slick, may be suffering from dementia because he can't remember what he told us just a year ago.

Mr. Trudeau ...argued that pipeline projects have failed to obtain “social license” because impacted people don’t trust the government to protect their interests, including providing adequate regulatory oversight or respecting the rights of aboriginal people.

He also said he learned from the mistakes of his father, who introduced the National Energy Program in 1980.

“I’m the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, my last name is Trudeau and I’m standing here at the Petroleum Club in Calgary,” he said.

“A federal program that harms one part of the country, harms us all."
Except, it seems, if the part of the country harmed is British Columbia and then, tough shit.

As recently as March of this year, Trudeau's natural resources minister, Jim Carr, was parroting the nonsense about "social licence."

There's a term for what's going on. It's called "regulatory capture." That's when a regulatory body gets taken over with appointments drawn from the industries regulated at which point they cease acting in the interests of the public and instead serve the industry from which they came and to which they shall return. That fits Canada's National Energy Board to a T. Trudeau could have and obviously should have cleaned it up, forced an independent board to make the call, but he didn't.  And so the process he promises, by which he purports to build social licence, is corrupted from the get to.

Trudeau is in the bag to the fossil fuelers which means something else also. It means that Canada's climate emission targets - set suitably low by Stephen Harper - will never be met.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal party will be forever beholden to Red Tories as long as we have FPTP. Red Tories make up 10% of the electorate. Hard-core cons 30%. Unless the Liberals split the Red Tory vote — by representing them instead of Canadians on pipelines and every other economic issue — we get a 40% Con majority.

Presently Justin Trudeau is the only one taking electoral reform seriously. All opposition parties — including Elizabeth May — are playing politics and attempting to derail his attempt to find some kind of compromise that will best represent Canadian voters.

If Canadians want to be represented in government they better rally behind Justin. Otherwise expect more government by the establishment, where the alternative to the Neo-Liberals is the Neo-Cons.

Anonymous said...

Justin represents all Canadians? Haha, that's a good one. Will he beat us if we don't love him?

Anonymous said...

Justin is looking for compromise on electoral reform, which probably represents how a majority of Canadians feel on the issue. Let's just hope the obstructionist politicians leave Justin some elbow room...

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