Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tony Blair Unveils His Defence

Tony Blair is looking increasingly nervous as he awaits the imminent release of the Chilcot Inquiry report into Britain's role in instigating and conducting the Iraq War that toppled Saddam Hussein and plunged the region into chaos. The report is set for release on July 6.

Blair is sticking to his fantasy that conquering Iraq was "the right thing to do" but his latest fallback is that the British and American governments "profoundly underestimated" the chaos that would arise during the occupation.

Blair has no choice but to stick to the justification defence. Anything else would be a confession to war crimes that could send him to a place with no Michelin star kitchens or Savile Row tailors.

The silly git doesn't have a lot of friends in the UK any more. Even his Labour Party, now headed by Jeremy Corbyn, is calling for a war crimes investigation into Tony Blair.

Blair's obvious and worsening nervousness may have something to do with the fact that he has already read the report's findings. He knows what's coming.

I wonder if Tony has his bags packed, ready at a moment's notice to bolt to Saudi Arabia or some other sanctuary?


Toby said...

It's too bad the Brits can't add GW (Gomer) Bush to their Inquiry.

Dana said...

No, asshole, you just wilfully and criminally chose not to pay any attention to the multitude of people who actually knew precisely what would happen and said so many, many, many times.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think Blair's Achilles' Heel, should he ever stand trial, is the Security Council resolution Britain tabled and then withdrew immediately prior to the invasion.

The resolution sought Security Council authorization for launching the war, a tacit admission that the Brits knew that attacking Iraq without it would be seen as a war crime.

Bush/Cheney didn't want Blair seeking that further authorization. They wanted to pretend that SC resolution 1441 authorized war, no matter that it plainly didn't.

When Blair, realizing that the Security Council would reject the resolution, withdrew it, his goose was cooked. After that, all he had to fall back on was the "it was the right thing to do" defence. That sets Blair's supposed notion of what's right as overruling international law. That might work - if the war is quick and completely successful. Unfortunately for Blair that didn't quite happen.

Dana said...

I had forgotten about that resolution. I expect you're right.

Anonymous said...

Blair will, unfortunately, never stand for trial.
The best we can hope for is that he will have to travel as Henry Kissinger with an escort of international lawyers.
Were there a god he would see Blair travel to Chile and to be arrested for crimes against humanity!
We can only wish.
Is it possible that a convicted Blair could see a small reduction in pissed of Iraqis and Afghans and a little less ME violence?


Anonymous said...

ELEMENTS of British and American governments PERFECTLY estimated the chaos that would arise during the occupation.
This was no "accident"...