Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rare Courage

My hat is off to Liberal MP Rob Oliphant who has announced he won't support the Trudeau government's watered down bill on medically assisted death.

Oliphant, who chaired the committee that examined the issue, says Bill C-14 doesn't meet the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Carter case. He said the Trudeau government's feeble compromise does not meet the concerns of his constituents nor his own conscience.

It is a tough issue, no question, but, true to form, Trudeau buckled at the first opportunity.

Oliphant's views mirror the criticisms leveled by legal campaigner, B.C. lawyer Joe Arvay, who appeared before the justice committee last week.


Dana said...

It's so rare to see principle demonstrated so clearly in our political life.

Kudos to Mr. Oliphant.

Of course his political career may have just been shortened.

The Mound of Sound said...

I hope he's not deemed "unreliable" Dana. That would resonate among the darkest suspicions I have of Trudeau.

Dana said...

Sadly I think that's precisely what will happen to him and we will never hear from him again until he announces his intention not to run in the next election.

Unless this legislation finds its way to the Supremes and he is called before them against the wishes of the government counsel.

Anonymous said...

Let's get down to brass tacks here. Trudeau is a devote Roman Catholic and in that case is going to dilly-dally regarding the ethical procedure regarding assisted death. From A

Anonymous said...

As well, a lot like the evangelicals I'd say.