Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's On. The Harper/Trudeau Stacked Deck Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion.

It was obvious that the fix was in when Slick chose to retain Shifty Steve Harper's industry-captured National Energy Board. All of Justin's earnest campaign promises were sheer electoral bullshit.

Now, just as the prime minister knew, sure as hell knew, the Harper/Trudeau National Energy Board has approved the Kinder Morgan hazmat pipeline expansion, ensuring an armada of up to 400 supertankers a year heavily laden with hazmat bitumen will travel through downtown Vancouver's Coal Harbour and onward, via the first and second narrows, to cross the south coast carrying Athabasca's carbon bomb to waiting, and none too scrupulous, markets in Asia.

That little shit was lying to us throughout the election and it won him badly needed seats in coastal areas of B.C.

The NDP's Nathan Cullen nailed it when he said:

“The Liberals swore on a stack of Bibles to fix the Conservatives’ failed environmental assessment process,” said the party's environment critic, Nathan Cullen. "The Kinder Morgan pipeline is exactly the kind of project that needs a serious and credible environmental review.

"This is a Conservative pipeline under a Conservative review process, with just a Liberal fig leaf hiding over top of that fact. So where are all the BC Liberals that promised to do things differently? Will just one BC Liberal stand up today and justify the unjustifiable?”

Here's something else that lying little shit won't mention. The technology doesn't exist to clean up a bitumen spill in British Columbia's deep coastal waters. Bitumen sinks to the seabed, eventually gluing itself to some rock or natural depression.  Who is going to clean it up? Who is going to foot the bill? When, when-not if, it happens those vermin in Edmonton and Ottawa will be fast to crawl back underneath their rocks.

Now comes the crackdown. The Harper/Trudeau secret security service that harnesses the power of CSIS and the RCMP to the suppression of Canadian dissent will go into high gear to disrupt local unrest along the B.C. coastal communities. Kinder Morgan security, aided and abetted by CSIS, hands the RCMP its marching papers and they, in turn, pay "friendly visits" to the American pipeline giant's targets. A little friendly intimidation/interrogation. That's Justin Trudeau's Canada and it's the spitting image of Stephen Harper's Canada.


Anonymous said...

The information on a. amount/volume of products shipped and b. specific&detailed description of said products, which are being shipped now and will be after expansion is difficult to find. Consider it posting, Mound.

Steve said...

Clikmate crackheads rule.

Ironically the same people who argue that the science of 400PPM CO2 is cyclical, will tell us that GMO foods are safe because we have been genetically modifying crops for thousands of years.

Have these people never watched Sleeper or Resident Evil. I think since school is all just colouring and watching movies anyway, watching these two films should at least give you some kind of scientific diploma.

I do blame Woody Allen for GMO foods, and for mothers choosing not to have daughters.