Tuesday, June 26, 2018

But Wait, That's the Scene of the Crime !!

It's house arrest for two convicted polygamists.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has sentenced Winston Blackmore to six months of house arrest and James Oler to three months of house arrest for practising polygamy. 
Justice Sherry Anne Donegan handed down the sentence in Cranbrook Tuesday morning. 
Blackmore will be under house arrest in his Bountiful area home, with allowances to go to work and attend to medical emergencies, while Oler will be able to serve his time where he works and lives in Alberta. 
Both sentences will be followed by 12 months probation.
House arrest? Isn't that where these guys committed those crimes? Just sayin.


JasonS said...

Sorry i thought they married children and shipped children down to the states to marry the pedophiles ....sorry pastors in their churches. Justice served and it only cost us 100 million in court, lawyer and RCMP overtime costs i bet.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so are the marriages annulled? If not, don't they breach at least the "keep the peace and be of good behaviour" term of the house arrest and/or probation?


the salamander said...

.. is this tied in any way to realities in
Under The Banner Of Heaven ?
which in painful detail recounts
the bizarro invented Morman world..
and catches the cross border connections
with Canadian communities

The book is so sickening
I could not finish it

Its the fastest growing religion in America
invented by a guy with a bag over his head
and having 'visions'

John's Aghast said...

Isn't that the 'penalty' they imposed on Basi and Virk? Remember, back in the BC Rail days.