Saturday, June 02, 2018

There's Compromise and There's Compromise.

Look at it this way. Your prime minister defends steamrollering British Columbia on the Trans Mountain pipeline as an integral part of an essential compromise on slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

There were two parties to that compromise, Trudeau and Rachel Notley. The essence of the compromise is this - Notley pledges that, with the remainder of her rapidly dwindling term in office, she will play ball with Trudeau on carbon taxes. For his part, Trudeau has promised to throw British Columbia under the bitumen bus.

So, if it was your province that was being sacrificed to cinch Trudeau's deal with Notley, how would you take it? Especially if the guy who is using you as his bargaining chip turns out to be an unmitigated liar whose singular achievement as prime minister has been to break one solemn promise after another. That is Justin Trudeau in a nutshell.

British Columbia has been nothing but a pawn in Trudeau's game. In his betrayal, his subterfuge, he has pitted British Columbia against the rest of Canada.

We expected this from Stephen Harper but, to his credit, at least Stephen Harper was upfront about it.


Toby said...

Trudeau is part of that Upper Canada/lower Canada establishment that assumes that Ontario and Quebec constitute all that is Canada. The rest is a bunch of colonies that have to be managed for the benefit of Upper Canada/lower Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well it certainly feels that way, Toby. He plainly does think that we're expendable. It's moments like this that remind us what Canada should mean to us.

Lorne said...

That Trudeau has, in effect, started a war between two provinces is as damning an indictment of his ability to lead as one is likely to find, Mound.

Because Pictures! said...

Please don’t assume that because we live in Ontario that we support this stupid pipeline. No one I know does. Be assured we’re on your side, all the way.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for your encouragement, BP. I know many 'ordinary' Canadians don't support the Trans Mountain/J.Trudeau Memorial Pipeline but the eastern establishment certainly does, a point that was driven home by the Toronto Star editorial board's support of it last week solely as an economic issue. That felt like a betrayal, it really did. Climate change didn't factor into their one-sided editorial. Neither did the protection of this magnificent marine ecosystem. To them it might as well have been Lake Erie. It seemed like they had no notion of the perils associated with diluted bitumen even though the Kalamazoo River fiasco was literally on Ontario's doorstep. That sure made me clench my teeth.

Again, thanks.