Sunday, June 03, 2018

Hey, Isn't That Even More Insulting than Calling Canada a National Security Threat?

Justin Trudeau, bless his little heart, has denounced Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum exports as "insulting." That's because Team Trump has used the contrivance that the tariffs are in support of America's national security and Canada is probably the least likely threat to American national security unless you want to go all the way back to 1812 when we kicked their asses right out of our country, repeatedly.

National security was bad enough but then Trump's economic advisor, TV's Larry Kudlow, described the whole thing as a "family quarrel."

Family, what family? Trump's family? Them's fightin' words. Who does Trump think we are, Fredo (DTrump Jr.), Ambergris (Eric the Mindless), or that "Feckless C" (Ivanka)?

Sounds like Team Trump are saying that somebody pissed in our national gene pool.


nick said...
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Owen Gray said...

That concept of family explains why some kids leave home and never come back.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

What is a tariff, but a pre-tax on those who desire to do business in said country that's imposed BEFORE said businesses even know whether or not they'll profit from their ventures into said country that's taxing them?

It's only fair, in terms of equitableness, that those countries that wish to do business with said country that's "pre-taxing" them, likewise, implement tariffs of their own on imports coming from country that imposes tariffs on their exports into it.