Thursday, May 23, 2019

Another Bad Day for Justin

It wasn't the first time Trudeau's security officers have thrown a woman to the ground but, this time, it was a 74-year old granny, part of a group of Trans-Mountain pipeline protesters who turned up at a Trudeau speaking engagement.

Watch as Trudeau's burly muscle slams the old dear to the sidewalk. And Justin? He was already inside the venue.

 British Columbia is just not a good place for Justin these days. A lot of people out here have had their fill of Trudeau, his empty promises and that damned pipeline.


Anonymous said...

She was part of a team of two. She was to be the diversion for an assassination attempt. There have been credible death threats against Trudeau and his family. I'm not going to prove this to you. The RCMP can't take chances in cases like this.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh, I get it now. Well they sure made short work of that old granny. Funny but, since I was a kid, I always had an inexplicable fear of grannies. A 74-year old, old lady with osteoporosis would be the dangerous one. I'm not sure how I could have missed that.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:31

I see the lunatic fringe is alive and well today if you really mean what you say. If it's sarcasm, it's well hidden. Can't prove it, but dear old lady was part of an assassination attempt, eh? Right. The RCMP can't take chances in cases like this? Why not use a double-barrelled shotgun then? You know, just to be sure?

Fire the idiot cop. They got a good picture of him afterwards, so it's known who the dimbulb is. The man has no sense of proportionality.


The Mound of Sound said...

BM, I'm sure Anon was taking the piss out of those cops.

John B. said...

It looks as though she might have shoved or stepped into him just a bit. We can’t see their hands or arms, so it’s hard to tell. I’d like to know what they were saying. I don’t have a temperament suited for that job either, but I don’t have any trouble holding it back when an older or disabled person pisses me off. If he’s a policeman, there’s no excuse. We’re willing to pay a hundred grand a year for these positions so that sufficient applicants are attracted to keep guys like me out of them.