Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mark Carney Sounds Good to Me

Chantal Hebert writes that "Liberal insiders" are looking at Mark Carney to replace Justin Trudeau.

Carney is due to finish his current gig as governor of the Bank of England at the end of this year. There has long been speculation that he could one day land in the Canadian political arena and that if he did, he would cast his lot with the Liberals.

As the party’s fortunes have declined in the pre-election polls, that speculation has turned into active interest — if not on Carney’s part, at least on that of some of his many fans inside the party. 
On a recent conference call, a group of them discussed how Trudeau’s diminished prospects could result in an early opportunity for Carney to succeed him. 
According to one participant, the group is working on the assumption that Trudeau will be hard-pressed to win more than 140 seats in October.
After a string of duds, including the current leader, Carney sounds like the breath of fresh air the Liberal Party so desperately needs.

Why do I like Carney? Where to start? The governor of the Bank of England knows there's no future in bitumen. Like his predecessor, he's been warning everyone who'll listen that the world economy is resting on a giant IED, also known as the Carbon Bubble. That's a reality no Liberal leader has been able to accept.

Carney knows that climate change is an economy killer, something the current Liberal regime doesn't want to think about.  In a 2018 address, Carney showed that he understands the hurdles to clean energy  and the risks if we botch the effort.

Carney has earned high praise from climate activists. He's been dubbed "the unlikely climate champion."

Carney understands climate change in all its dimensions, especially the fossil energy sector and the risks of "stranded assets" a term for coal and bitumen. He would be a breath of fresh air after the endless litany of carbon stooges in our Parliament and provincial legislatures.

Put simply, Mark Carney has everything that Trudeau lacks and then some. It's time the Liberals ditched Justin, son of Margaret, and got a real leader.

At a moment when Canada, and the world, are at risk from threats unparalleled in the history of human civilization, this country could use somebody clear-headed.


Toby said...

No matter how good Carney is, it is still the Liberal Party, still stuck in the past. Can you imagine any of Trudeau's Cabinet suddenly becoming environmentalist just because Carney is in charge?

zoombats said...

I'll still vote for Green. It's all just window dressing from where I stand.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, please. While this country still has some of its soul left. Politicians are making deals which will cost the citizens huge amounts on drugs so that anyone on a small income won't be able to afford them and trading off our wonderful dairy industry so that we will have contaminated US milk in everything. We have to fight our politicians all the time. Little countries in Europe with no resources whatsoever look after their citizens better. 14 years of terrible government is enough.

Northern PoV said...

Does the sudden attractiveness of Mark Carney have anything to do with the recent muddled message Lizzie started spouting on domestic vs foreign oil?

The Mound of Sound said...

NPoV, no nothing at all. I've written several posts on Carney since he moved to BoE several years ago. One has nothing to do with the other.

Anonymous said...

What? Carney Prime Minister of Canada?....do you really think he wants to back back to second class?

The Mound of Sound said...

I know Carney would make a fine prime minister. I'm convinced thanks, in large part, to Kinsella giving him a big thumbs down. Kinsella, the guy who was virtually slobbering over Ignatieff.

Anonymous said...

I also think he could make a fine Prime Minister of Canada. I still think he won't back back to second class. Anyong