Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Diplomatic Career Bursts Into Flames

A staffer at the U.S. embassy in Malta is winging his way back to the United States of America, after a video of this career-ending explosion hit YouTube and went viral.  (warning - coarse language, lots and lots of it)

You gotta figure that, if you're causing a scene in public these days, somebody is probably recording it and it'll wind up on YouTube before you can get back to your desk in the embassy.

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Rene said...

You have to wonder what this American diplomat was so worked up about that he was ready to wage war against the Maltese - a comfortable assignment, a small island, population 400,000, largely Catholic, official languages Maltese and English, a tourist destination, warm climate, historical sites, varied cuisine, demographic imbalance in favour of women. It's apparent he didn't even have to learn a foreign language and it's not like he was posted to a diplomatic mission in Iraq or Syria.

Although it would have been amusing to see him try to carry on like that, threatening violence and insulting the other drivers in English if he had been involved in some downtown traffic mixup in Paris or Rome or Moscow ....