Thursday, August 15, 2013

Okay Kids, We're Now Playing For The Second Half of This Century

A new report published in Environmental Research Letters focuses on what's in store for mankind in the second half of this century if we don't get our emissions under control.

The report claims we're already effectively locked in to more and hotter heat waves up to 2040.  There's not much we can do to change that.

If we don't start slashing our overall greenhouse gas emissions, however, our grandkids and great-grandkids are in for a hell of a hot time.

How hellish, how hot?  The researchers put it in perspective predicting that toward the latter part of the century the coldest summer month will have become substantially hotter than the hottest summer month we now experience.  We'll be decisively locked in to a new climatic regime... as in no going back.  The climate you've enjoyed for all your life will simply not be available for your great grandkids except in books and videos.

But that's not important to a nation of Bitumen Pimps, is it?  We've got product to move.

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