Sunday, August 25, 2013

L'il Miss Piggy's Tar Sands Adventure

Oilsands Quest, Inc. was very, very good to senator Pam Wallin.  Her spot as a director of the Calgary-based energy company earned her $648,000 in cash and stock options, according to The Globe & Mail

SenPam resigned from the OilQuest board when it fell into receivership but that didn't keep her from being named as a defendant in a lawsuit that claimed the company defrauded investors with bogus claims of great bitumen wealth in Saskatchewan.

Earlier this month the now defunct company settled the suit for $10.2 million.   According to counsel, it's the directors' and officers' insurers that covered the settlement.

Here piggy, piggy.


Anonymous said...

Since she reportedly raked in 648K from Oilsands Quest, she should have no problem paying back the 140K that she allegedly defrauded from the Canadian people.

the salamander said...

.. legacy .. history .. Canadiana .. the big land

but here comes the fraud
erosion, mould .. tarnish .. infamy .. permanence
disgusting fraud & deceit .. arrogant incompetence

the Harper droogs help pollute his Harper
pudgy bare naked royal idiot driven legacy
aiding and abetting.. gaily

John A. Macdonald growls uneasily in his grave
Pierre Trudeau crackles mirthfully in his

Both nation builders secure from such filthy flawed legacy
and the stench of such a shallow pretender

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon. She can't wait to pay that money back - with interest - now that she's facing the prospect of a criminal prosecution. She'd probably pay more just to get off the hook.

@ Sal. Droog indeed. As a fellow Kubrick fan the word evokes curious stirrings. I'll say no more lest I say too much.