Friday, August 30, 2013

Russia's Stealth Fighters Debut at Moscow Air Show

By the time the F-35 ever finds its way into Canadian air force hangars it'll have this to contend with, Russia's T-50 stealth fighter.  The T-50 is much faster, more agile, far longer range and carries a much greater weaponload than the F-35.


theo said...

To anyone who follows air power this is not news. What is fascinating is the fact that Canada’s is bound and determined to spend all this wealth on what is becoming nothing more than a colonial bomber. The defense structure in Ottawa need to have their heads removed just for the sheer incompetence of their acquiescence to corporate power.

Purple library guy said...

Maybe we should buy some.

the salamander said...

.. Purple Library guy is onto something .. Mound
but surely we could just kinda 'borrow' one.. or do a biweekly lease plan with option to purchase in 2025 ..

A little retro fitting with pontoons.. and we gots a screamin NASCAR quality bush plane par excellence, that can dock with our submarine fleet someday soon .. to defend the tar sands, n tailings ponds n all the drinking water n jobs Joe Oliver is spouting off about in his business suit n shiny shoes while up in the frozen tundra.. with his Inuit bros ..

And hey ! A 2nd, night shift of non-union pilots with mortgages and raising a fambly on 3 thou per kid a year could fly over n defend the Canadian Coastal network of Benevolent Chinese LNG processing plants and pipeline terminals ..

Cuz you niver know when the damned redskins or tree huggers or libtards, dippers n greenies or rhino party diehards will come out of the clear cut forest or the dilbit pipeline spills, to protest.. or burn sum tobaccy or have an illegal potlach.. or want some infected farmed salmon

Hell, those smokin jets or a pack o them.. could tow giant blimps filled with bitumen straight to China, Pakistan, India or Rushia .. highest bidder y'know.. and no need for the damned condensate.. just jerk it outta Alberta, the land of the free and the birthplace o Stephen Harper n Jason Kenney th prime minister wannabe what lives with his mommy

Anyong said...

Thanks theo. I'm still laughing.

Al said...

I'm going to CNE tomorrow. The famous air show will have (maybe) an single F16 flyby & a Harrier hovering. I'm so excited! not - and no cronut burgers because us Canadians can't even put maple syrup & bacon together.