Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Carolyn Stewart-Olsen a Duffy in the Shadows?

She's ostensibly a senator for New Brunswick but Carolyn Stewart-Olsen been a denizen of Ottawa since the mid-80s.

According to her Wiki entry, Stewart-Olsen served as head nurse of ambulatory care at Ottawa's Grace Hospital in 1986 before moving on to work as nursing manager at Carleton Place hospital.  She hooked up with the Reform Party in 1993 when it became established in Ottawa.  She worked for Preston Manning and Deborah Grey before becoming Harper's press secretary in 2002 when he deposed Stockwell Day.  Harper brought Stewart-Olsen into his PMO in 2006.   Three years later he annointed her senator for New Brunswick, presumably with all the attention to residency detail he lavished on Mike Duffy and Pam Wallin.

Not that it's in any way conclusive but Wiki lists her residence as Ottawa, the place she worked and lived for so many years before sliding into the Senate.

It sounds like, with her Ottawa-centric background, someone should look into how Stewart-Olsen meets the requirements of residence for a senator for New Brunswick.


Anonymous said...

I think it's more interesting that here is another leak from another anonymous source implicating another Senator (or two) with close connections to Harper.

Anyong said...

This is all so unpleasant and immoral, it's tawdry.

the salamander said...

.. well said, Mound ..

Its astounding how 'Pudge' Harper has pipelined partisan sludge into the Senate .. the zombie weasel PMO .. his so called caucus .. & the Privy Council .. He's proving to be 'strontium 90 Steve' to democracy and his native land..

While we cringe at Fukushima's runaway implications, the same result is evident within Parliament.. Yes, that would be the Conservative Party as radioactive 'event' .. but don't let anyone know the truth .. there would be panic and uprising.. feed them cake & manage the message

.. note to Anyong .. its far far beyond 'tawdry.. but that tawdry phrase 'too big to jail' has slithered from 24 Sussex Avenue.. That's Arthur Hamilton lighting the way, aiding & abetting the slithey beast resembling Stephen Harper and that upstanding attorney is holding high a crucifix.. while shouting "attorney/client privilege .. !! make way, I say, make way !!"

Is this the 'cascade of events' or complete clusterf_ck that zealous creeps and partisan weaklings see as accountable, transparent good government .. and more jobs ?

Can't wait to see how the recycled PMO droogs & dweebs .. Jenni Byrne, Alykhan Velshi et al perform .. who's next ? Ezra Levant as an SS Special Attache Ass to Syria? The return of Tom Flanagan ? Preston - Special Envoy ?

This looks like a 'buffalo jump' defense team with nothing to lose, being assembled to fight a delaying action to protect Steve's fat retreating ass along with Ray Novak and salvage or polish the radioactive burnt turd ground of his so called and self styled and invented 'legacy' ..

We are watching Senate Reform - Stephen Harper style ..
With that stroked off of his 'agenda' or to do list..
what is next in his dark fantasy world ?

I want to help create & develop an Arctic Muskox Party
that will migrate south to chase partisan fat asses
graze on their front lawns and provide photo ops
It seems a sensible improvement on the status quo

Anonymous said...

I have also made several comments that Olsen's residency is questionable too on several boards. Good on you for taking this up.