Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Ghosts That Haunt Pam Wallin

Pam Wallin wants you to know one thing - she will gladly pay back every dime she wrongfully pocketed in expenses - plus interest.  I believe her.  I believe she couldn't write that cheque fast enough.

There's something missing.  It's the creaking noise from Pam's knees as she supplicates herself, pleading for mercy.   It's not the money, well not any more, for Pam.  It's the ruination she fears, real "end of the line" reputational Armageddon.   That, and of course, the prospect of wracking up a criminal conviction or two in the process.   She wants somebody to take her off the hook.

She reminds me of this scene, the end of Tessio from The Godfather.


Lorne said...

Great scene, Mound. Thanks for resurrecting the memory. Sadly, in the political arena justice is seldom as swift as that which Tessio experiences.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ah yes, Robert Duvall and Abe Vigoda. Duvall, as Tom Hagen, reminds me of the role Marjory Lebreton is playing now, cutting Wallin loose, coldly dispatching her to her fitting end.

Anonymous said...

Steve is just a capo, just like Mike and Pam. How will his final scene play out? He seriously screwed up the big oil file that his sponsors gave to him.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put that woman out of her misery. Anyong