Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will America Debut the F-22 Over Syria?

It's been in service for years and surely it's about time the U.S. introduced its F-22 Raptor, stealth fighter, into combat.  And where better than in the skies over Syria?

Operating out of an RAF base in Cyprus just a hundred miles distant from Syria, the F-22 would have no significant fuel problems.  It could dominate the airspace over Syria, protecting the strike force, taking out any Syrian fighters that rose against the attackers and proving itself invulnerable to Syrian air defences.


Anonymous said...

You're suggesting that the American military might use Syrians as target practice just to prove their new weapon systems? That's just sad.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually that's not what I was suggesting at all. The Americans, if they use manned aircraft, will probably make do with bombers and naval fighters, non-stealth in the main. I'd be surprised if they put at risk their stealth fighters when the loss of those aircraft might undermine already wobbly support for the F-35.

But warfare is how most nations test their latest hardware and that's been the case since the Romans fielded the onager. Sorry to break the reality of thousands of years of history. But, yes, all warfare is more than sad, it's tragic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah.