Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Stay Tuned" - Indeed

"Can't talk  ...can't speak freely ...stay tuned."   All I'm getting out of Ottawa Tories is static.  It's as though they're locked down.   Nobody wants to talk Duffy or Wright much less Tkachuk, Stewart-Olsen or Harper himself.   The whole PMO/Senate scandal seems to have become taboo, off limits, out of bounds, perhaps even a bit dangerous.

No e-mails, no phone calls, no nothin'.

You and me, outsiders, can only watch from the sidelines and pick up whatever scripted scraps fall from political talking heads and the national media.

Right now I think you would have to dangle a case of fine Scotch in front of an alcoholic Conservative to get anyone to talk.

Stay tuned indeed.


Anyong said...

I think I will go back to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Yes Siree:

To merely talk about it or even dare to ask questions makes one an enemy of the harper state; ie an information terrorist.

Expect a visit from the mounties soon.

The Mound of Sound said...

I've known one of these people for nearly 40-years although we've never been on the same team in politics. That said, this is the first time that person has ever gone to ground.

Craig Buntin said...

It seems like someone is still leaking to CTV's Robert Fife since he had some e-mails a few nights ago that apparently say Duffy was manipulated by the 2 CPC Senators.

I hope whoever is leaking to Fife is able to keep giving him this info so that Canadians can put together the full story soon, whatever it may be.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, Craig. I'm not sure if it's just one person or a small group that's leaking information to Fife. However it's a carefully choreographed effort.

In May it began with what were basically rumours floated by "anonymous sources." Those succeeded in eliciting denials. Only then was the first Duffy e-mail leaked to Fife that set the cat among the pigeons and triggered Nigel Wright's departure and a broad RCMP investigation.

I was told it was a small group of Tory dissidents taking a shot at Harper. That's why I was wondering how the summer would play out. I expected Harper to batten the hatches and ferret out his enemies, silencing them if he could. Apparently he didn't succeed.

I think the mid-August leaks were carefully timed. This is no coincidence, no accident. I'm wondering whether Harper didn't have advance notice that something else was coming that made him want to prorogue Parliament into October.

There are signs that Harper is on the defensive but perhaps somewhat dangerously so. "Stay tuned" seems to be the buzzphrase in Ottawa these days.

Anonymous said...

"Harper's Gag Orders Sweep While Canadians Sleep" by Vincent Gogolek August 30, 2013 Huffpost
British Columbia

From the article;

"The Harper government wants to hide all of its secrets.

While reviewing the latest edition of the federal government's little-known legislative bulletin, The Canada Gazette, Canadian Press reporter Jim Bronskill noticed a troubling detail: a new order is now on the table that would dramatically expand the number of current - and former - federal government employees under a lifetime gag order, potentially curbing the right to free expression for thousands of Canadians."

Nice piece of reporting Vincent, basically if you tell the truth about the harper government as a federal employee you will go to jail. Now I understand the harper fetish of building more correctional facilities. He needs them to silence the people in the know that don't agree with him or his policies.

Sad day indeed for Canadians.