Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Why Doesn't Duff Just Resign?"

And Up Yours, Too, Mr. Prime Minister

Consider who's asking.  He's a former Harper deputy chief of staff who now sits comfortably installed as a Vice-President at Air Canada for government affairs in 2012.  Derek Vanstone says he'll take the word of Tkachuk over Duffy any day.

"It truly angers me to see Duffy trying to take honest people down with him," tweets Vanstone.   Really Derek?   They're honest because you say so?  You can't do any better than that?

It seems to me that all Duffy has ever called for is a full and open enquiry.  I'm pretty sure he didn't leak the initial e-mails to CTV that landed him in hot water and blew the lid off the backroom PMO deal to funnel money to him.  That would be the very same PMO Vanstone went through on his way to corporate bliss at Air Canada.

A little more on Vanstone here and here.


Lorne said...

The continued denials of impropriety from all of the Harper players, Mound, are not only acts of self-preservation but also an indication of the ongoing and deep contempt within which the entire cabal holds the Canadian public's intelligence. Let's hope that collectively we prove them wrong.

The Mound of Sound said...

Harper's minions are being stretched drum-tight, Lorne. What's being alleged is entirely consistent with the documentary evidence. Their flat denials are entirely inconsistent with the known facts.

Duffy wants an enquiry because he knows he's being hung out to dry by others every bit as gamey as he ever was. There's plenty of room under that bus for Duffy and the rest.

John B. said...

I have been telling everyone I know who has the interest in listening, that the failure in government that this situation represents has very little to do with Mike Duffy and nothing to do with the Senate. The whole stinking mess is a result of wayward personal and party business plans that have been inspired by the model approved and preferred by Harper.

This guy Vanstone seems to have added his two-cents right on cue: Bob Fife’s source added a couple more twists yesterday; so we need somebody to say something that keeps some focus on Duffy and maybe even distracts us from the new information. And since, to support the ultimate denials that we’ll need to proclaim should Mike ever come clean on the whole mess, we’ve already determined that we’re going all the way with the “Duffy’s-a-liar” scenario, let’s throw this one at him: he’s taking down “honest people” with him; “honest people” who, we are to presume, are unlike Senator Duffy.

Honestly – what takedown of “honest people” is Vanstone talking about? And what is Duffy doing now besides keeping his mouth shut and waiting for some other party to make the next move?

I think I’m getting “truly angered” as well.

The Mound of Sound said...

John B., here's my take on why this lies at Harper's feet and his alone from May:

Anonymous said...

"See what happens, Steve, when you fuck a Senator in the ass!"

Purple library guy said...

Wait, aren't we talking about the Conservative upper echelons here? Where would he find any honest people to take down with him?

The Mound of Sound said...

Was Brutus "honest"?