Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Record!

If it was a rodeo they'd have to award me one of those big, shiny belt buckles for this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I broke 2:30!

From the front door of the polling station, through the pre-clearance line, to my individual poll for check-in, to receiving, marking and casting my ballot, and then back out through the front door - well under 2-minutes, 30-seconds. Bing, bang, boom.

Ah, the kid's still got it.


Dana said...

That's probably the length of time it took me too at a bit after 10 this morning. Not crowded or lined up at all. Ma femme is working the day at a different location and she called on a break to say there was a crush at 7 for about 30 minutes and since it's been steady but not a madhouse.

The Mound of Sound said...

That doesn't mean you get to share my cowboy belt buckle, Dana. Nice try.

WILLY said...

Big deal you live on the island. The only thing that could of slowed you down was getting lost in the woods or eaten by a bear. :)

I bought a good Oban to bring in the night, I figure it will work, whether we win, loose or draw.

happy Election Day.

Dana said...

I don't need no steenking buckle.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Willy, I think Oban is a fine selection for this hopefully august evening.

@ Dana - good because you weren't going to get it anyway.

deb said...

I worked the polls, it was an excellent turnout for gabriola, and we were blessed with another 4 yrs of NDP, Paul didnt do as well as I hoped but we know that Sheila M has an environmental record to be proud of.
Tom, well he was third and JT and the Libs cleaned Harpers clock.
not bad, not bad at all:)

Anonymous said...

Anyong said: I went down to the polling station at 7:30 am. Was in and out in 2:00. Ha-ha!! No joking my boy!