Friday, October 23, 2015

The Guardian's Drive-By Smear Job on Justin Trudeau

Jesus Christ on a crutch! The guy hasn't even been sworn into office and yet The Guardian's Canada correspondent, Martin Lukacs, is already declaring Trudeau's progressive credentials "a ruse."

The ousting of the Conservatives was a victory, a rejection of Stephen Harper’s politics of fear and outright hatred. But Canadians now confront a Prime Minister gifted in the art of warm, fuzzy claptrap. They won’t be offered what they dreamed of: that was never an option in this election.

In fairness, Lukacs also calls for his fellow New Dems to demand that Mulcair quit and, if he won't, boot him out.

Even as an opinion piece, Lukacs' article is drivel and he's rightly called out on it in readers' comments. One thing is for sure, if he's supposed to be Canada's answer to Monbiot, we have failed miserably.


Anonymous said...

Anyong said: Nothing like being off the mark with a few negatives. Maybe the man doesn't like the way Justin Trudeau looks.

The Mound of Sound said...

Read the next item about David Frum's take on Trudeau.

Dana said...

Peruse the guy's Twitter account and you'll understand. He's a dipper shill and not much more.

And he's not alone at The Grauniad. I came across another a couple of days ago by a woman who's residence is listed as New York. I assume she's Canadian. Just as snide and bitter.

Neither piece really qualifies as anything other than a blog rant but that's where much of The Grauniad's opinion pages seem to be going.

Gyor said...

No one has to demand Mulcair resign, he's all but said he will in a year, barring a miracle rebirth of NDP support. This gives the NDP times to pull the pieces back together, for the Tories to finish they're leadership race, and for possible NDP hopefuls like MPs Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Alexandre Bouletrice, Nathen Cullen, Nikki Ashton, Romeo Saganash, Guy Caron, Erin Weir, to test the waters to see if they're is interest in leading.

Gyor said...

The column was well articulated and dead on as far as analysis goes, that poll showing people didn't want incremental change, they wanted fast and ambitious should have been a far greater warning to the NDP than who was leading in the polls.

And he's right about the Liberals, dead on, its pure fact. Look at the red books, works of fiction. And the history of corruption from Trudeau seniors patronage appointments that cost Turner the election, to choosing tax cuts for the rich after gutting social spending with no mandate to do so, to the Sponsorship Scandal, to Justin Trudeau inner circle being in the pockets of big oil, to Justin taking money from poor charities for speaking WHICH is already part of his job as an MP and for which he doesn't need the money.

I could go on, exploring the vile past of Liberal Senators, the true is Corruption and lies is apart of the fabric of the Liberal Party.

The Mound of Sound said...

Suck it, Gyor. You're all sour grapes, nothing but. The NDP became a shit party, running on shit policies, led by a shit leader. Ask Michael Laxer or Gerald Caplan, they'll tell you as much and they're very respected, old school New Dems.

I hope you had a crushing time of it on Monday as the Orange Crash unfolded. I found it quite thrilling.

Sucks to be you, Gyor. Wear it.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Luckacs and Gyor. The kid is Truharper. Watch.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, Anon, what can I say to you forlorn Dippers? How about "physician, heal theyself." Save your energy. You've got a good load of soul searching to do.

Dana said...

Soul searching? Sure the party executive and leadership will definitely be doing a lot of deep soul searching but these kiddies?

Not an option for them. They may not even know how to start.