Thursday, October 08, 2015

Marijuana (Users) "Infintely Worse" Than Cigarette Smokers

To Shifty Steve Harper's little mind, marijuana is 'infinitely worse' than tobacco as a public health hazard. Of course Shifty's lizard brain isn't programmed to tell the truth. Fact is he couldn't give a Shifty Shit about the public health aspects of marijuana versus tobacco. Let's decode what he's really trying to say.

Marijuana users are infinitely worse for Steve's re-election prospects when they actually manage to get to the voting booth.  Cigarette smokers, by contrast, tend to fall into the "dumb ass" category more likely to vote Harper.

There, now it all makes sense. Marijuana is infinitely worse.

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Unknown said...

Good analysis Mound. I have to remember Harper doesn't say anything without having a political
goal in mind.