Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Debasement of Stephen Joseph Harper

The teaser at the CBC web site gave me pause: "Harper fires up supporters at rally promoted by Ford brothers."

I found myself asking, Is that how this ends? Really?  Like the little boy whose mom had to tie a porkchop around his neck just to get the dog to play with him, has Shifty's brand become so degraded that appearing with the Fords is a campaign boost? Or is this how Steve returns to some primordial ooze, an acknowledgement that, for him, there'll be no more riding roughshod over the country?

Jesus, Steve, you even made NatPo's Chris Selley cringe at this blatant display of desperation and debasement.

And then, there was Saturday night — a brand new low for a conservative party that has abandoned so very many of its conservative principles. Drugs or no drugs, the Fords’ politics is a flailing, nihilist mashup of spite, fantasy and delusion masquerading as “Respect for Taxpayers.” The Tories wear that now. If they lose on Monday, they will have utterly debased themselves doing so. And if they don’t lose — if embracing the Fords motivates the GTA voters they so desperately need, or if they conclude that it did — then one can only wonder what further debasements might await them, and us, down the line. They’ve come a long way, baby.

Hell, I think Guy Ritchie might have enough here for a movie.


ron wilton said...

Perhaps his relationship with the Fords speaks to his ability to amass a net worth of $6 million without ever having had a real job in his life.

The Mound of Sound said...

Have you got a source for that, Ron?

Unknown said...

Anyone of any worth Mound seems to have abandoned Harper. Left to his own devices, we can see who he is drawn to.

deb said...

smells like desperation and I hope this is his last finale, one that he wears forever on his record. Harper campaigns with a crack addict!

Sixth Estate said...

Clownish as this move may seem it will probably help the Conservative Party in Toronto. This is their core demographic. The fact that the 60% of Canadians who were never going to vote for Harper anyways thinks it's disgusting is hardly germane.

The Mound of Sound said...

- Pamela - as I've heard it for a year now, 'anyone of worth' took off the day Harper chose to make Nigel Wright his scapegoat. That's why he had to go into this election with the 'kids in the short pants' - Ray Novak and Jenni Byrne. The A-List talent had other things to occupy their time than salvaging Harper.

- deb Scott - when you've got the National Post scribes coughing up their lunch, you've hit some sort of low.

- 6E - if your take is right, what does that say for the party and movement conservatism in Canada?