Friday, October 09, 2015

Keep Those Snow Shovels Handy

It's unknown how this will translate on our side of the Atlantic this winter but Britain is bracing for four months of very heavy snowfall.  British meteorologists have made the call based on the interaction of a record El Nino event, a negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation combined with a negative shift in the Arctic Oscillation that could trigger months of polar outflow winds.

The weather models suggest that Britain, top to bottom, could be under a heavy blanket of snow from December to March.

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Rural said...

LOL Mound, Given that my British cousins and their compatriots come to a grinding halt with 2" or 3" of snow it could become VERY interesting over in 'the old country'. My whining over the years about snow clearance woes may well reverse this year, but of course there is no climate change eh!