Sunday, November 01, 2015

Connie Black Flips his Wig

Why does he keep using "us" when he's referencing the Canadian people? He left "us" when he renounced his Canadian citizenship in order to become a British citizen entitled to claim a seat in Britain's House of Lords. By the way, isn't he somehow AWOL, absent without leave, from that elevated post on the other side of the pond? Or does his stretch in an American greybar hotel put his very lordship in jeopardy if he again sets foot in Britain's upper chamber?

Conrad is, however, an enthusiastic pseudo-Canadian and it's from this ersatz perch that he has opined on exactly what Trudeau the younger must do to put Canada once again on an even keel.

Black begins by complimenting Trudeau on achieving a real majority, reminiscent of Mulroney's electoral triumphs, and not the wee majority held by the dastardly Harper for just one term. Having done that, Lord Black of Piddlepuddle turns truly unhinged.

Here are some of the highlights. A modest wealth tax on high net worth people that would not be collected. The government wouldn't get the exigible money but the taxpayer would apply it to innovative means to reduce poverty. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Connie calls for a doubling in size of the Canadian Armed Forces because he read somewhere that bloated military outlays - not frivolous distractions like replacing collapsing infrastructure - are the best form of stimulus spending. And, with a nod to Hugo Boss, Black wants Canada's fashion bright lights to design really neat uniforms for all those soldiers, something that speaks of style, sizzle.

But wait, there's more. The old jailbird wants major change in the way we're governed. No more prime minister. An elected president instead, one who would double as our governor general.  I won't get into his convoluted ideas about Senate reform.

There is one area in which Black does have some expertise - prison reform. Here he wants non-violent offenders (such as himself) to avoid imprisonment altogether but, instead, to "contribute their work and live in freedom in Spartan circumstances" but with provisions for a quickie on the weekends.


LeDaro said...

Mound, his 'Lordship' is in doubt. He being a bully got him jail term in U.S. as he challenged the authorities in U.S.

Relations between him and Chretien were not chummy. That was one of the reasons that he shipped to Britain. Now that Chretien is gone he feels at home again in Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

Is he eligible for residence in Canada, LD. He renounced his citizenship and, since then, has been convicted of felonies and imprisoned in the United States.

We don't take kindly to convicted felons from abroad seeking entry to Canada. So why is Black still here?

A Kisaragi Colour said...

"My own proposal is for a more than ceremonious president, while retaining a prime minister answerable to Parliament, as France has, and retaining the monarch as ceremonious co-chief of state when physically present in this country. The president would also be the governor-general and would be chosen by direct election." ~Conrad Black

Conrad Black is in favour of a republic? Clearly his time in the big house has driven him insane. Never mind that his proposal is essentially the same as what is used in Portugal and they just had their president block a government with the support of their legislature.

The Mound of Sound said...

AKC - as I read the piece I began wondering whether Connie's intellect isn't experiencing the ravages of age.

LeDaro said...

Mound, you're right that "We don't take kindly to convicted felons..." but those felons are not billionaires. Harper of course was not going to challenge Black's status. Will Trudeau do something about it? I have serious doubts. Felony laws and other such illegalities only apply to poor. Then we claim that we live in a great democracy. Really? Sad!

The Mound of Sound said...

Is it too much to hope the incoming outfit will at least review Black's visa?