Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The RedHead Girl in the Back of the Chevrolet

I've been writing some, no, a lot, of pretty grim essays lately. Sorry but that's how I see what's unfolding around us.

This stuff gets to me too, maybe even more than some others. Still I write but what keeps me going is reliving moments even as whimsical as this:

"Drank a lot of take-home pay.." yeah, fair enough. But there was an intensely progressive side to Billy Joel:

And the title track from his last album, 1993 - it's been that long.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mound.

We have to look ahead with optimism. I don't see a good alternative to that. smile


j a m e s

Dana said...

Thanks for the BJ hit this morning. The man is a freaking genius and a hero of mine starting with Piano Man all those years ago. I still consider Scenes From an Italian Restaurant to be arguably the finest narrative pop song of the 20th century.

On their first Face to Face tour back in the mid 90s he and Elton John played BC Place. I was working too and couldn't go. The next morning we discovered that following the show they were both so pumped that when they got back to their hotel (Pan Pacific, where else) they went into the bar and asked if they could use the piano. If memory serves they played and sang duets for another hour or thereabouts. No one would dare do that today. The place would be swamped and a riot would ensue within 10 minutes.

Dana said...

Here's another favourite pick me up of mine.


LeDaro said...

Mound, great songs. Sorry to be pessimistic but given the current world situation it does not look good. I hope I am wrong and great future is ahead.

Anonymous said...

your referring to him in the past tense had me googling to see if he'd just passed! ...happily, no...and I found this: