Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Maggie's Drawers - Get 'Em While They're Hot

Harper loyalists struggling to find a suitable parting gift need look no further. How about a lovely pair of old Maggie's drawers?

Clothing and personal effects of Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, The Iron Lady, will be coming up for auction at Christie's in London on December 15th.

When I read the notice what sprang to mind was the old army song, "Maggie's Drawers," dating back to the 30s. Somewhat along the lines of that naval great, "The North Atlantic Squadron," Maggie's Drawers is a thoroughly ribald, vulgar and crass little ditty that comes in several iterations, none of them remotely suitable for mixed company.

The term Maggie's Drawers was also used to describe a red flag that was waived by the umpires at a rifle range to signify that the shooter had completely missed the target.

And, lest you think it gauche that Dame Thatcher's dainties should be flogged to the great unwashed public, a rather voluminous pair of Queen Victoria's knickers was sold this past July, fetching a handsome 10,500 quid.

Maggie en route to give unruly colliery workers a damned smart lesson.


Anonymous said...

Danneau said...

Is that the nose of a P-38? I also checked the link in Anon's previous comment: My mother's name was Maggie and she insisted that we call her that instead of Mum, Mom, Mommy, or any other such thing. She was a kind, loving, caring soul who could also be a stern taskmistress. When I first heard "Maggie's Farm" as a teen in the '60s, it seemed appropriate. I recently had to impetus to share this with my wife when she returned from a trip to SoCal with a photo of a market stand in San Diego that proudly displayed the name Maggie's Farm on the awning. She shot the pic in honour of my mother, not knowing the other part of the back story.
And the other aspect of this phenom is the silliness involved in buying the underthings of any person, living or otherwise, so as to indulge in paroxysms of necrophiliac scratch-'n-sniffing, but, then, I guess that's what the post is all about, so thanks.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, Danneau. No, I think it's the gun nose of the A-26 Intruder.

Danneau said...