Wednesday, November 18, 2015

While Paris Mourns, Netanyahu Makes His Move

With all eyes weary from trying to follow the Paris attacks, the G20 and APEC summits, our favourite peace lover, Benjamin Netanyahu, marked the occassion by "authorizing the marketing of (stolen Palestinian) land for the construction of 454 homes in occupied East Jerusalem."

That'll teach ISIS, right Binny? Or maybe it'll just give them more fodder for recruiting and raising funds.

Well played, Benjamin, you're all class.


LeDaro said...

Mound, as I pointed out in an earlier comment that current conflict is all about Israel. CIA and Mossad started this turbulence in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya so that religious sects keep killing each other and Israel can continue settlement expansions without any hindrance from these Muslim Countries.

Anonymous said...

Just read this interesting commentary from Uri Avnery concerning the government in Israel..Boggles the mind.

Scotian said...

Colour me totally unsurprised. Classic Bibi in action. Never let a gruesome global event slip away from covering up his latest act of aggression and atrocity (granted this one isn't quite fairly described as atrocity, but I would say his overall pattern of actions certainly do).

As I've mentioned before, it is the actions of the government of Israel over time which has driven me into such anti-Israeli positions, and this is but the latest example of why and how that happened. How Bibi went from being so far to the extreme right within Israeli political culture to the mainstream governing PM for so long also shows just what caused so many outside observers to become so anti-Israeli government policy. One of the most powerful drivers of the rise of global anger/hatred for Jews (I hate spelling the correct word, half the time I can't get it right, sorry) are the words and actions Bibi and his cohorts. Nor am I of the belief they are unaware of this, indeed, I fear they are pleased with this result because it further increases the polarization they thrive on and need to remain in power. Not to mention using the existence of such to silence all international criticism of their actions by claiming it must be rooted in such instead of being legitimate and fair criticism of the actions of a government.

Unknown said...

As long as the US completely supports Israel, including their occupation of Palestine and the confiscation and theft of Palestinian land, then the psychopath Netanyahu will do whatever he wants!

rumleyfips said...

Netanyahu seems to be making a play for the Golan Heights as well. He told Obama that he should be able to formally annex due to the confusion in Syria according to the Independent.

Why abide by a UN decision when there's advantage to be taken.

Toby said...

It is easy to see why Netanyahu is Stephen Harper's hero.