Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Justin, First Thing Tomorrow Morning

Mr. Prime Minister.

First thing tomorrow morning we need you to sack the entire membership of Canada's National Energy Board, the fossil fuelers who have run the board like an agency of the Canadian Petroleum Producers Association during the Harper years.

First up, NEB CEO and Chairman, Peter Watson, the Alberta Chamber of Resources 2011 'Resource Person of the Year.' While you're at it, sack vice-chair, Lynne Mercier, 29-year veteran of Gaz Metro.

Then work your way right down through the rest of the industry shills that make up the Harper Government National Energy Facilitation Board. This is a tail wagging the dog operation and it has to be stopped in its tracks.


Toby said...

There's a good idea.

Dana said...

Yes! And appoint some of solar, wind and geo-thermal experts too.

the salamander said...

.. for sure - no brainer - do the right thing - too bad, so sad - but reveal this Harper farce for exactly what it is ..

The Mound of Sound said...

I posted the link to let readers go through the list of the executive, permanent and short-term members to see how totally compromised this "independent" board became under Harper. They came from the energy industry and to the energy industry they were destined to return. So much for independence.