Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Wonder What He's Asking For The Bike?

Sausalito, California man, Henry Wolf, has a dandy 1993 BMW motorcycle complete with custom Corbin seat that he's probably looking to unload.

Wolf just walked out of a California court house empty handed after unsuccessfully suing BMW and Corbin, claiming that a 2-hour ride on the bike left him with priapism, "a painfully prolonged erection."

On Tuesday -- in a 14-page decision laced with medical language about Doppler ultrasounds, tumescence and aspiration of the corposa cavernosa -- a three-judge 1st District Court of Appeal panel affirmed a San Francisco Superior Court decision to dismiss the case.

The judges found that Wolf's appeal "fails to comply with the rules of appellate procedure" by failing to cite the relevant cases or statutes, and it "contains no intelligible argument." The panel ordered Wolf to pay the defendants' costs on appeal, a sum likely to be many tens of thousands of dollars.

Henry ought to look into marketing that bike. I rode my 2006 beemer from Lethbridge, Alberta to Kenora, Ontario in one day and all I got was a sore ass.

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