Monday, November 09, 2015

Give Russia the Boot

As expected, the World Anti-Doping Agency has released a report concluding that performance-enhancing doping of Russian athletes is so rampant and systemic that Russia should be suspended from competition by track and field's governing body.

It seems that Russia has become a little bit - okay, a lot - like what we came to expect from East Germany.


Toby said...

Professional sport and international competitions such as the Olympics and World Cup soccer have become so corrupt as to be farcical. I don't watch any of that stuff. I'd rather watch local amateurs.

AniO said...

Alfie. Kohn would say that such is the inevitable outcome of extreme competition. The ancient olympics were beset by cheating scandals. Competition focuses on winners but creates vastly more losers. We need to reassess our positive assumptions about competitive sports. Participating in non competitive activity is vastly better for us than watching gigantic fixed metaphorical gladiatorial combat from our living room sofas.